Sampoorna Hegde: Reaching The Pinnacle Of Success With Passion, Perseverance, And Confidence

Sampoorna Hegde: Reaching The Pinnacle Of Success With Passion, Perseverance, And Confidence

Sampoorna Hegde,Co-founder & Chief Innovative Officer

Sampoorna Hegde

Co-founder & Chief Innovative Officer

Over the years, women are actively grabbing leadership thrones. They are indulged in various realms from entrepreneurship to politics and more - proving that they are capable leaders. With that said, Sampoorna Hegde is upping the ladder as a woman in technology and innovation. As a Co-founder and Chief Innovative Officer, Sampoorna is an established woman who has been at the forefront of reengineering strategies and innovating operations at Bloom Value - a technology startup focused on applying enterprise AI to hospital optimization by leveraging data for cost reduction, revenue improvement, and increasing patient satisfaction.

Being the only woman in leadership at Bloom Value, she seeks to enhance the value delivered to the clients. In an exclusive conversation with Women Entrepreneur India, Sampoorna takes us through a virtual tour of her professional journey. The inspiring insights of the veteran showcase the necessity of lifting the status of women and promoting a learning environment.

Brief us on your educational background. What learnings helped you to become a leader?
I studied Diploma in Computer Science and started working immediately. Alongside the job, I completed a Diploma in Naturopathy, BCA, MBA, and Executive PGDM in Business Analytics. The learning was that marks just indicate our inclination towards a subject rather than our failure or success. Learning is a continuous journey. Anyone unable to pursue higher studies or professional degrees due to any reason should not lose hope. Look for opportunities and grab them, keep learning, and move ahead. It does not matter where you start; all that matters is where you want to go.

Take us through your professional
journey. How did your academics foster growth in your career?
My journey started as a data entry operator with Namaste Exports. Though it began at a low-level appellation, I came out of the company as a software engineer. I continued studying even while I was working. After a couple of years, worked with giants such as Microsoft and IBM in managerial roles be¬fore obtaining a master's degree in Data Science and co-founding Bloom Value Corporation. The drastic rise in the graph was possible only because of upskilling myself.

All of us must never stop learning to reach great heights. The innovations at Bloom Values come from my technical and leadership skills gained through my education and experience.

What kind of team talent is needed as you evolve in the operations of an organization?

It’s crucial to ensure that people’s aspirations are aligned with the company’s goals. Firstly, we hire self-motivated enthusiasts and allocate work that keeps them interested. We do not expect everyone to hold all the skills while they join us. However, they should to open-minded learners to stay up-to-date, learn new technologies, and produce outcomes much more than anticipated – this will happen only when they are self-motivated.

At the juncture of technology and management, I aspire to revolutionize the healthcare sector with innovations.

What were the initial challenges you faced as a professional?
I never had a problem learning new technologies and implementing them. However, communication was a major hindrance. I grew up speaking in Kannada and studying in a Kannada medium school. I’m proud of learning in my mother tongue, however, it felt difficult to converse in English. Trying harder and talking to my mentors, my communication skills and soft skills improved. I’m still learning and will never stop bettering myself.

Mention some of your success mantras.
The vital mantra is self-belief and keeping the mindset right. I recall a
Sanskrit proverb based on Upanishad “Yadbhavam tad bhavati” (As you think so you become). It is so true that we will become what we believe, therefore, smash the self-doubt and take the first step - success will reach you automatically. Moreover, we should have patience, confidence, focus, and perseverance for it to happen.

What am I doing? Why am I doing it? How will it help society? - are the frequent questions I ask before starting anything. Listening to my inner voice is my simple success mantra.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction both as an individual and CIO?

Amidst the pandemic rage, one of the hospitals reached us regarding digitizing the registration process to avoid the spread of covid infection. We developed an online system to register before coming to the hospital and walk into the Covid ward without much hassle.

We also developed a remote patient monitoring system. While Covid has forced doctors and patients to interact via phones, our scalable remote patient management goes well beyond the initial consultation process. With an auto alerting system, doctors and patients can stay connected virtually. The system helped us cure a kidney stone patient with complete assistance.

Any suggestions to young women?
The percentage of working women who are economically active in India is far lower than the global average. Many educated women are not financially independent. In my opinion, they can do much more than contributing only to their family. Once they start earning, they’ll contribute to the nation by doubling the GDP. We have immense talent in India, especially the women sitting at home. If they make up their mind to get into productive revenue making efforts, our GDP can grow exponentially!!

Sampoorna Hegde, Co-Founder & Chief Innovative Officer, Bloom Value
Sampoorna has been a sports person since childhood. She went on to become an International Throwball player in 2009. She has won 15 International gold medals for India, and even led the Indian Throwball team as captain. She is also on the Board of Directors in the International Throwball Federation.

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