Scindia Balasingh: Prioritizing Leadership & Empowerment For Women In A Dynamic Corporate Setting | CEOInsights Vendor
Scindia Balasingh: Prioritizing Leadership & Empowerment For Women In A Dynamic Corporate Setting

Scindia Balasingh: Prioritizing Leadership & Empowerment For Women In A Dynamic Corporate Setting

Scindia Balasingh, Head of Global Partner Marketing

Scindia Balasingh

Head of Global Partner Marketing

An adept leader showcasing excep-tional versatility, seamlessly navig-ating through various domains, from spearheading the establishment of marketing functions to skilfully coor-dinating influential global partner-ships. This visionary not only excels in strategic marketing but also sho-wcases adaptability in maneuvering through intricate and evolving land-scapes. With a history of instigating transformative shifts, leaders of this caliber, such as Scindia Balasingh, effortlessly fuse innovation with str-ategic expertise, making a lasting impact on both local and global business arenas.

As an innovative and strategic mark-eting leader, Scindia Balasingh has emerged as a driving force within the realm of marketing, currently serving as the Head Of Global Part-ner Marketing at Multiplier. With a robust background and a wealth of experience in the dynamic landsca-pe of technology marketing, Scindia has carved a niche for herself as a forerunner in the field.

Below is an excerpt of Scindia Bala-singh’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motiva-tion that fuels your daily routines?

Embarking on a professional journey rooted in familial expectations for engineering, I swiftly pivoted towar-ds my true calling in technology co-mmunication and marketing during my MBA. From orchestrating pan-India marketing at Blue Star to spear heading the initiation of the mark-eting function at Redington, each role has been a stepping stone. Joining Fresh works, I delved into global partner-ships with industry titans, fostering collaborations with Slack, Microsoft, AWS, Survey Monkey, and more. Now navigating the startup eco-system, my 13-year trajectory thrives on the synergy of passion and career, ensuring every day feels like a holiday.

Overcoming challenges, advocating for diversity, and giving back to the community constitute my mission of perpetual learning and growth.

Tell us about your leadership
approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

In my leadership approach, I adam-antly steer away from the inhibiting grasp of controlling leadership styles. I firmly believe that fostering a culture of empowerment is the cornerstone of true leadership. It is crucial to resist the temptation of creating dependencies and instead instill a sense of autonomy within the team. True value emerges when leaders empower individuals to think independently, make mistakes, learn, and take ownership of their responsibilities. By guiding and reviewing their progress, a leader can multiply their impact, creating a team of capable contributors. This approach not only facilitates scalability but also affords leaders the time for strategic thinking, propelling both the team and the organization to new heights.

True value emerges when leaders empower individuals to think independently, make mistakes, learn, & take ownership of their responsibilities

Have you recently integrated AI or other technologies into your role, finding them pivotal for added value?

In navigating the contemporary mar-keting landscape, integrating AI and cutting-edge technologies is para-mount. Marketing automation tools have become instrumental in seaml-essly connecting websites, CRM, and social handles, streamlining data flow. For instance, utilizing AI-powered tools for outbound seque-ncing enhances targeted audience engagement, optimizing messaging sequences. Understanding the nua-nces of these tools and ensuring their seamless integration is crucial for success. Moreover, generative AI transforms content and design, am-plifying efficiency and saving valu-able time. Employing these techn-ologies not only eliminates mund-ane tasks but also allows marketers to focus on core strategies, deli-vering value in a more effective and impactful manner.

Can you provide recent examples of campaigns that successfully attr-acted new audiences and custo-mers to your company?

One impactful campaign strategy, particularly during my tenure at Fresh works, involved the fusion of Account Based Marketing (ABM) with integrated marketing techn-iques. For instance, in our industry vertical campaign for BFSI, we collaborated with multiple partners serving financial services.
This comprehensive approach incl-uded a trend report, a large-scale online event with partner panelists, and subsequent nurturing through round tables. Simultaneously, targ-eted outbound ABM campaigns on Linkedin and personalized out-reach by our business development team secured conversions. Emphasizing specialized and relevant content, this integrated ABM approach consi-stently proves effective in attracting and converting new audiences.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

With an unwavering passion for marketing, my ultimate goal is to ascend to the role of Chief Marketing Officer for a billion-dollar company. Simultaneously, I am committed to empowering women leaders and nurturing marketing talents. My future plans involve sponsoring rural women, providing mentorship, and serving as an advisor to startups, ensuring I stay attuned to market trends and contribute meaningfully.

Scindia Balasingh, Head of Global Partner Marketing, Multiplier

Scindia Balasingh is a dynamic leader renowned for her strategic prowess in technology marketing. Engaging audiences as a speaker at esteemed forums like IIM Kashipur, IIT Kharag-pur, SSN, World Women Economic Forum, Fintech Summit, Umagine, CIO News, and CXOTV, she also judged the American speak-off idol. Passionate about women's leadership and diver-sity, Scindia hosts the MOV LeadHERs podcast series, celebrating the achievements and contri-butions of women leaders.

Awards & Recognitions:

•Winner of the prestigious Asia's 100 Power Leaders in Marketing & Corporate Communications 2022, recognized by White Leadership Congress
•Honoured as the Woman Icon of The Year (Marketing) at The 2022 Global Choice Awards
•Recognized as an emerging CMO by the CMO Leadership Awards 2021
•Proud recipient of the Tech Marketer 2021 Award presented by CXOTV during the Virtual Tech Summit & Awards 2021
•Celebrated as the Women Icon of The Year by the Women Economic Forum
•Distinguished as Tamil Nadu's Top Woman Leader by the World Women Leadership Congress
•Acknowledged as a Top 20 Women catalyst in the Indian IT Award by SME channels
•Received the Women Super Achiever Award from the World Women Leadership Congress
•Honoured with the Women in Martech Award
•Recipient of the Global Women Icon Award bestowed by the World Women Economic Forum

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