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Shrinath Kunchipudi: A Servant Leader Addressing Contemporary Needs Of Banking & IT Domains

Shrinath Kunchipudi: A Servant Leader Addressing Contemporary Needs Of Banking & IT Domains

Shrinath Kunchipudi,CEO

Shrinath Kunchipudi


With Indian origin leaders gradually mounting prominent executive positions of noteworthy global conglomerates, the focus of the world is slowly turning to India a promising industrial hub nurturing genius stalwarts and blooming organizations. One of them is the Indian IT sector, which is evolving in accordance with the profusely thriving global IT industry. Successfully encompassing the escalating innovations and technological trends of IT to arrest the attention of the new age entrepreneurs, the IT market of India is witnessing some momentous arrival of prominent players, who are eager to challenge the existing standards of this mammoth sector. One of such phenomena is Shrinath Kunchipudi(CEO, PROSYSSOLS), whose competitive skill sets and experience across the IT industry fortified him to lay the foundation of Project Systems & Solutions (now PROSYSSOLS) to provide end to end solutions for all banking segments and IT requirements.

"What makes us unique in the market is our approach to meet our customers' demands without compromising in quality and completing it within the timeframe"

Although Shrinath completed his academics in mechanical engineering, his inclination towards the IT sector in his final years compelled him to commence his career as a software developer. Gradually paving his path through various verticals such as IT, banking, IT consultancy, and so on, Shrinath has worked in different large-sized complex projects with leading Indian, European, Scandinavian, Baltics and African Banks and directed implementations globally. A business incongruity made Shrinath realize his worth and the seasoned professional quit his job to start his expedition as an able entrepreneur. A PMI Certified Project Management Professional and certified Agile Scrum Master, Shrinath has so far led large teams across various leading conglomerates including Oracle and HP, where he was engaged in steering multiple projects proficiently and exceeding client expectations. Coherently guiding PROSYSSOLS to excel and emerge as an ace brand in program and delivery management for all banking & IT projects, Shrinath is playing the role of Head of Operations, Business and Projects of the firm, simultaneously Business and Projects of the firm, simultaneously handling the customer fulfilment and program management for the clients. Apart from being an efficacious industry leader, Shrinath is eager to give back to the society through his idealistic and exemplary
contributions. Though Shrinath was through his idealistic and exemplary contri butions. Though Shrinath was in South Africa, during the 2nd wave of Covid in India, he played a pragmatic role in catering to the needs of the common people and supported them to tackle the crisis pertaining to the pandemic.

We try to visualize the requirements of our clients along with their roadmap for the five years to 10 years, lifecycle of their product and so on

Below is an excerpt of Shrinath's inter view with CEO Insights.

Being a prolific industry leader, what is the success mantra that drives you to keep going today?
With an optimistic attitude, I try to be honest and transparent while dealing with the issues. I identify the problems and take an honest, reliable, and solution-driven approach to tackle them. Hosting a rational mindset which hardly gets swayed after a decision is made, I have always maintained a disciplined approach while framing a strategy and implementing it across the organization. While taking any specific decision, I make sure to include all the stakeholders. But to establish scrupulousness as the core of my organization, I always see that the decision which is made is apt for each employee. Being a solution driven person, I have always envisioned to do the right things for my clients.

Where is prosyssols currently positioned in the market right now? What is its usp that differentiates the company from its peers in the market?
Remaining transparent with our customers, we drive things on a value engineering model, which is basically addressing their problem areas, ensuring the quality, optimizing the costs for the overall solutions required, and also suggesting the management and executive level on the solutioning. Remaining transparent and to-the-point about the projects which we execute, we don't over budget the project and try to deliver it in time. Though we are a small company, even the big conglomerates rely on us. Sometimes they pull us as a catalyst in different projects to ensure value addition. Although we are still at a nascent stage, we are considered one of the prominent players when it comes to banking knowledge, digital transformation and encore banking implementation. What makes us unique in the market is our approach to meet our customers' demands without compromising in quality and completing it within the time frame. If possible, we don't hesitate to walk that extra mile for our customers during crucial situations.

How do you ensure that the company stays a step ahead in delivering success ful outcomes in it infrastructure and banking projects?
For all the current players of the industry whether big banks or multinational companies, there is no right or wrong solution but it all depends on the end product. We try to visualize the require ments of our clients along with their roadmap for the five years to 10 years, lifecycle of their product and so on. Then analyzing the above mentioned factors, we try to give them optimized solution within the stipulated period which will further ensure better ROI for our customers. We also go for some project customization and optimization of the cost, so that our approach is to the point instead of beating around the bush.

Since the post-COVID era has introduced some noteworthy innovations, digitization has become the new norm. Soon there will be no physical bank branches and virtual banking will be a new reality. But amidst all these things, I still believe that there should be some human interaction as well because it will let the customer feel important and wanted.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we strive to take a distinguished leap into the future.

During the covid era, what were the challenges you faced during that pandemic? How did you overcome those challenges?
When Covid approached India, all of my team members were stranded across different parts of the globe. When the lockdown was imposed, I was in Bangalore and some of my teammates were in Europe and Africa. I was worried about them as the world completely succumbed to the wrath of the pandemic and they remained thousands of miles away from their home. I didn't lose hope and reached out to each of my employees. I assured them that we will manage some thing out to overcome this sticky situation in which the pandemic has put us in. I also ensured that they are financially comfortable and medically sound. Soon the normalcy resumed and people started moving back to Bangalore and their hometown in India. By the time everything was sorted out, we tried to get everyone back and resumed our operation. Even if the market was slow due to the pandemic, we didn't let our customers be affected by it. We started working from home and managing the deliverables.

What is the future roadmap of your company and how are you planning to execute your futuristic goals around it?
Our current roadmap is to emerge as an industry leader with at least 150 plus employees globally by 2023. Apart from that, we are also investing in certain mobile applications and business startups as venture capitalists. We are also planning to expand ourselves in Africa and simultaneously extend our workforce as well.

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