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Shyam Bansal: Prioritizing Product Quality Over Profits

Shyam Bansal: Prioritizing Product Quality Over Profits

Shyam Bansal,Partner

Shyam Bansal


A perfect break to most of us is incomplete without a cup of hot chai! Here is Maharani Chai to make your break time more special with a delicious medley of Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves. With a legacy of over six decades, the company is striving to chase perfection in a teacup. As a meticulous leader who understands the market well, Shyam Bansal is currently advocating this brand with novelty.

Ideated by Shyam’s grandfather, what was once a humble loose tea seller shop called 'Darjeeling Tea Company quickly became one of the largest sellers under the brand in Prayagraj (erstwhile Allahabad). And, here we have Shyam to take us through the 62 years of the company’s exciting expedition and his journey with CEO Insights Team.

Throw some light on Maharani Chai. What unique strategies are implemented in the company to maintain the decades old reputation?
It all started with a small yet virtuous idea of providing the best quality Assam teas mixed with top Darjeeling Garden teas to the city of Allahabad. My grandfather started the firm in 1959, and since then, two things remained constant in our venture to build the empire. First is our uncompromised time and dedication given to the procurement and blending of teas. We make sure
that it is checked and rechecked before finalizing it into a packet. The second constant is change and adaptation, which is crucial to succeeding in a competitive market.

Going forward, the biggest challenge would be to compete against the fastest growing capitalism. In this regard, COVID has definitely led us to adapt to many technological advancements and dynamic marketing solutions.

We hope to keep the phrase 'Best in Quality'attached to our brand name forever

What are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?
Today, Maharani enjoys the loyalty of millions who value us for providing premium taste without the premium price tag. I generally don’t believe in competing on ad spends, rather invest in making our product better. With that said, not only does the company’s graph has a constant slope in growth year on year, but also we have zero negative feedback on our products.

Apart from this, the atmosphere that has been set in the company and the satis faction, determination, and loyalty displayed by our employees towards the brand has been quite an achievement. We all work as a united bunch, and there are no such corporate bars and hierarchies to create a social difference, this was the legacy set by my forefathers. I am proud of carrying this baton successfully and nurturing future generations to bring in fresh ideas of their own to sync with this unique brand value.

What is the roadmap that you have planned for the company?
While we are focusing on adding
more variants to our portfolio, we would like to expand our presence in other states as well. At present, we are not only focusing on smooth supply chain and financial strategies but also nation wide branding. Surprisingly, we have received immense positive responses and support with our launch of online delivery services, which gives us a motivational push to strive further.

Tea Blending is an art of precision and consistency and I manage this department of tea procurement as well as blending, and I hope to leave this mark of art in every cup of Maharani Chai.

What advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in this industry?
This is something I have heard in a conference which I would like to share here, that the purpose of a car is not to buy fuel but to take you to your desired destination, and fuel helps you get there. Similarly, the purpose of a company should not be about just making money but to advance to a greater cause and contribute to society.

To all those who are starting new, especially in the F&B industry, never compromise on the services to make money, you carry a heavy badge of responsibility of people you feed. Focus on the product than publicity, and don’t expect early success. You can always succeed with grit, determination, and lots of patience.

Shyam Bansal, Partner, Maharani Chai
Shyam is a down toearth, family oriented, and god worshipping person, who believes in destiny and accepts every challenge with a smile.

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