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Siva Makireddy: Pioneering Easy Networking Solutions With Scube

Siva Makireddy: Pioneering Easy Networking Solutions With Scube

 Siva Makireddy,   Founder & CEO

Siva Makireddy

Founder & CEO

Siva Makireddy, the Founder and CEO of Scube, has been making waves in the industry with his innovative and smart NFC business cards & other such products. Scube is not just a company that creates business cards, but a comprehensive solution provider for easy networking. With a strong vision and entrepreneurial spirit, Siva has led Scube to become a leader in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that combine technology with convenience. Under his guidance, Scube has successfully served and satisfied prestigious clients such as Kolkata Knight Riders, Mahindra Rise, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Dezerv, IIFL Securities, Raheja Universal, and Coal India, among others. Siva's commitment to excellence has driven the company's expansion beyond the borders of India, as Scube actively works towards establishing a strong global presence and catering to clients worldwide. Let's hear more from him.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I have a diverse professional background and valuable experiences. I earned my Bachelor's degree from VIT and received a gold medal for my project that focused on preventing the illegal logging of red sandalwood. I'm always ready to seize opportunities, such as participating in the prestigious New Venture Competition during my Master's in computer science at George Washington University, where I reached the semi-finals. Sponsored by my university, I attended Draper University in California, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and refining my entre preneurial mindset. My motivation stems from a positive outlook and the fact that my company is involved in multiple product developments. Even if one product faces challenges, the success of others within the company serves as encouragement.
Can you describe the distinctive opportunities and extracurricular experiences available at VIT and the valuable lessons you gained beyond academic learning?
VIT offers a unique academic system, where the prescribed credit requirement for a computer science degree is 183 credits. However, I managed to get 200+ credits which allowed me to choose subjects from other courses in addition to my major in computer science and engineering. This flexibility provided me with a well-rounded education. Beyond academics, one of the most influential aspects of my time at VIT was the diverse student community. Interacting with students from different backgrounds and cultures broadened my perspectives and contributed significantly to my personal growth. Furthermore, VIT offers numerous opportunities to be part of student teams. I had the privilege of being part of the Baja team, which provided me with the incredible chance to represent VIT in a competition in the United States during my college days. This experience enriched my practical knowledge and taught me valuable skills that go beyond classroom learning.

Actions speak volumes & define who we truly are, far more than mere words can ever convey

How would you define Scube as an organisation and its current position in the market?
Scube is currently the dominant player in the smart NFC business card industry. Our leading position is substantiated by our remarkable customer acquisition and prestigious clientele, which includes well-known companies like Kolkata Knight Riders, Mahindra Rise, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Dezerv, IIFL Securities, Raheja Universal, and Coal India among others. Additionally, we are proactively expanding our global presence beyond the borders of India. Scube is not just about business cards, in addition to it we also offer customised ERP solutions, full-stack website development, immersive virtual reality experiences, comprehensive HR management system, design and branding solution for brands. Scube's vision is to become the one-stop solution for all digital business tools that help businesses grow. We are competing with other startups and tech giants in terms of software development.
Could you describe your leadership
approach and the principles or methods you adhere to as a leader?

Over time, my leadership approach has evolved significantly since the establishment of Scube. I have embraced the value of acknowledging and learning from mistakes, and I now believe in giving second chances. Listening to my team and valuing their input, even when it diverges from my own ideas, has become a priority for me. I encourage them to think creatively and outside traditional norms, providing them with the freedom to do so. Actively listening during brainstorming sessions has become a key focus, recognizing its importance as an essential trait for a leader. Furthermore, I have come to understand the significance of patience in leadership, allowing me to handle various situations with a calm demeanour.

Can you share some of the most difficult challenges you have faced throughout your journey so far? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them?
Reflecting on the journey thus far, one of the toughest obstacles I have encountered relates to team-building. While the process of creating products may appear relatively straightforward, attracting the right individuals to join a startup can be complex, particularly in today's job market where multinational corporations (MNCs) hold a dominant position. Competing against well-established companies adds an extra layer of difficulty to the recruitment process. The challenge lies in finding a talented and capable team that can contribute effectively to the venture's success and capitalise on its potential.

What is your ultimate goal for the future?
My ultimate goal is to earn recognition and build a strong reputation for our company, establishing a trusted brand that resonates with both customers and employees. By attaining a prominent reputation, individuals will instinctively choose our company over any other corporation. I aspire to be renowned for revolutionising people's lifestyles, making a significant impact on how they live.

Siva Makireddy, Founder & CEO, Scubeelate Technologies
Siva Makireddy is an innovative entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Scube, a pioneering company in the smart technology industry. He has done his Bachelor's from VIT and master's from George Washington University.

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