Srihari Kodiyala: Envisioning The Technoscape Beyond Boundaries Through Leadership & Sustainability | CEOInsights Vendor
Srihari Kodiyala: Envisioning The Technoscape Beyond Boundaries Through Leadership & Sustainability

Srihari Kodiyala: Envisioning The Technoscape Beyond Boundaries Through Leadership & Sustainability

Srihari Kodiyala,   Founder & Managing Director

Srihari Kodiyala

Founder & Managing Director

IT consulting services involve providing guidance and advice to clients in evaluating various technology strategies. This process aims to align the chosen technology strategies with the overall business or process strategies of the clients. SRI Infoservices is adept at implementing Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization to extract valuable insights that facilitate improved decision-making processes. Through their comprehensive suite of services, SRI Infoservices supports organizations in harnessing the power of data for transformative and strategic initiatives. Srihari Kodiyala, the Founder and Managing Director of SRI Infoservices, boasts extensive industry experience, consistently providing notable insights and contributing to innovation every day.

During a candid interview with our team, Srihari shared valuable insights into the internal dynamics of the organization, shedding light on both its current operations and future endeavours within the industry.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional history and experiences? Additionally, what drives your daily routines and motivates your actions?

In terms of my professional background, I bring a wealth of experience spanning several years in the field of data and business intelligence. I've successfully executed projects across various regions in India, covering the northern and southern parts, as well as ventured into the Middle East for a couple of implementations. Additionally, I've undertaken projects in the United States and delved into the Eurozone, focusing on the implementation of data migration principles and policies. Afterwards, I transitioned back to Australia, engaging in city-wide projects and directly interacting with end customers. My primary motivation is to establish comprehensive end-to end data processing solutions for companies, aiming to position ourselves as the go-to solution in the market. This serves as a significant driving force in my professional endeavours.

Can you discuss the key milestones in your journey thus far and share the guiding principles that have contributed to your success?

Throughout my professional journey, major milestones have been
achieved through securing clients in
diverse regions such as the United States, France, Melbourne, and Brisbane in Australia. Each client acquisition is considered a milestone, highlighting the successful fulfilment of their requirements, timely project completion, and the receipt of positive feedback. Witnessing tangible benefits for clients from our services remains a primary measure of success in the industry. Additionally, we've excelled in implementing projects in both the SAP and Microsoft sectors, each presenting its unique set of achievements. Looking forward, our focus is on expanding engagement to encompass end-to-end capabilities, including comprehen-sive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, data quality solutions, and end-to-end data management practices. Our overarching goal is to position ourselves as the preferred managed services provider for a selected group of clients.

I emphasize equality, treating everyone with equal exposure & respect, irrespective of their job grades

Can you describe SRI Infoservices as an organization and outline its current standing in the market?

Our organization, SRI Infoservices, is dedicated to providing services aligned with our mission and vision. Our overarching goal is to streamline data-driven decision-making by ensuring accessibility and usability for all stakeholders. We are committed to empowering organizations to make informed decisions and automate processes through intelligent workflows. Our focus lies in assisting organizations in collecting, securing, managing, and leveraging data to gain valuable insights and knowledge. I often emphasize that data is the currency of the future business landscape, highlighting the significance of our vision. Additionally, we hold several accreditations, including recognition on the Queensland government ICT services panel, preferred supplier status with local city councils, Official Labour hire Licensee and commitment to net zero emissions for environmental sustainability. These partnerships and accreditations showcase our dedication to serving both government entities and businesses while prioritizing sustainability initiatives.

Could you share information about your key offerings and the value-added benefits that customers can anticipate from these offerings?

In terms of our offerings, we specialize in efficient data gathering through strategic workshops and the implementation of well-defined designs, leading to expedited delivery and heightened customer satisfaction. Notably, we achieved a commendable 90 percent customer
satisfaction score in 2022 & 2023, setting us apart from our competitors. Our core focus is on aiding organizations in reaching their objectives through data-driven insights, empowering their customer base, and fostering a culture centered around data. By entrusting data management to SRI Infoservices, businesses can concentrate on their core operations while we handle the development and upkeep of the required infrastructure. Our commitment to providing tailored experiences, proficient customer service, and delivering measurable results positions us as an ideal partner in the dynamic realm of data-driven and technology-focused marketing.

Can you provide information about the eco friendly practices that SRI Infoservices has incorporated into its operations and the company's vision for a sustainable future?

SRI Infoservices is dedicated to achieving net-zero emissions, aligning with Australian governmental climate change initiatives. We recognize our collective responsibility to combat environmental issues, emphasizing energy efficiency, solar power utilization, and sustainable methodologies to minimize our ecological impact. Our commitment extends to employee well-being, offering mental health training to enhance overall capacity, reflecting our holistic sustainability approach.

Could you share insights into your leadership approach? Specifically, what guiding principles or methodologies do you adhere to as a leader?

In our approach, we see our team as more than just employees they are integral contributors to our company. Regardless of roles, everyone is a valuable part of the organization, bringing expertise to project implementation and customer interactions. An inclusive approach fosters collaboration, encouraging valuable feedback. We invest in leadership by training managers and prioritizing ongoing learning. Periodic team-building activities nurture capacities and maintain a balanced work environment.

Srihari Kodiyala, Founder & Managing Director, SRI Infoservices

Srihari Kodiyala, Founder and Managing Director of SRI Infoservices, is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in data and business intelligence. With a successful track record spanning projects across India, the Middle East, the United States, and Europe, Srihari excels in implementing critical data management principles and policies. His expertise extends to SAP and Microsoft technologies, positioning SRI Infoservices as a leading provider of IT consulting services. Srihari's inclusive leadership approach fosters collaboration, driving innovation and excellence within the organization.

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