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Suvankar Sen: Exhibiting Indias Exquisite Traditional Karigari To The World Over

Suvankar Sen: Exhibiting Indias Exquisite Traditional Karigari To The World Over

   Suvankar Sen,     Executive Director

Suvankar Sen

Executive Director

Having a legacy of over five decades, the journey for Senco Gold & Diamonds started more than 50 years ago in Kolkata the hub of jewelry manufacturing, art, and culture. What distinguishes Senco is its artisans who emphasize intricate designs and curate them in the most desired ways. Suvankar Sen is a fourth generation leader of Senco Gold & Diamonds who has brought a culture of strategic and contemporary thinking into the business.

Under his leadership, Senco Gold & Diamonds embarked on a revolutionary journey, which included setting up a strong identity on new and unexplored shores. Suvankar is on a quest for preserving, perpetuating, and promoting the unique craftsmanship of Bengal and its dignity in international fora. Drawing inspiration from his father and applying his strong marketing skills with the passion to take forward the decades-old legacy, Suvankar aspires to make exquisite yet affordable jewelry available to every household all over India.

Let’s hear it from Suvankar as he talks about his journey and the impact he has been making in the business.

How would you define Senco Gold and Diamonds as an organization?
Trusted for excellent performance, exclusive designs, and strong customer relationships, Senco is one of the top 10 jewelry brands and the second most trusted brand in the country in India. We are the most customer centric, creative, and innovative technology driven organization that is preserving the age-old tradition and handcrafted jewelry of Bengal. Just like Belgian chocolates and Frenchwines, we aspire for the craftmanship of Kolkata to be famous all over the world.
How has been your journey with Senco Gold & Diamond and what are the benchmarks that you have achieved for thebusiness so far?
It has been over 15 years with Senco Gold & Diamonds. Throughout the journey, my focus has been on developing strategies for accelerating its operations across the country. I look for opportunities to maintain the legacy of the brand and grow its wings in Pan India. I have been taking forward appropriate investments of time, focus, energy, and resources in opening new stores, implementing new technology, and making them successful. The business has grown almost 35 times in the last 13 years. When I joined the business in 2007, we had only seven showrooms but today we have crossed 135 showrooms in almost all cities of India. From a 100-crore business turnover, we have moved to a turnover of 3000 crores. My efforts have been to bring technological innovations into the business and implement ERP in its operations to take the brand forward.

As a new generation leader, I do not wish to sit on the success & laurels of the past but to look forward and make the brand bigger and better

The transformation wasn’t easy we had to go through the pains and tribulations of challenges to reach that level of excellence After all, you become pure gold or a shiny diamond only when you go through fire and hammering. The pandemic for us was both challenging and transformative. The lockdown made us think uniquely & go digital to reach our customers using video calling, digital catalogs, and our e-commerce website. However, the belief in the brand, the team, the family, and most importantly God kept us driving in the right direction.

has been the motivation behind your excellent outcomes?
I am carrying a legacy of over five generations and the goodwill of Senco is on my shoulder. As a new generation leader, I do not wish to sit on the success & laurels of the past but to look forward and make the brand bigger and better. This is the kind of inspiration that keeps me
motivated. Also, Kolkata is known for its creativity, art, and culture. Hence, I am driving the whole effort to make sure that the workmanship of the artisans is appreciated and that we can take it to every household in the country ensuring that this old art jewelry making is preserved even in the new generation. The strive for excellence and creating something new motivates me to innovate new products while blending technology with tradition and offer designs that are accepted & appreciated by the new generation customers. Though I work towards excellence, I parallelly believe excellence is not the end game It is a continuous journey of improving oneself and trying to do the work in newer & better ways.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
The beginning of a successful journey always begins with understanding your own self. Hence you must playto your strengths and work on your weaknesses then you can build up a team in areas in which you are weak and learn from them. Throughout the journey, you must try to work out of your comfort zones without being afraid of failure or uncertainties. Keep learning, upgrading your knowledge, and looking for new ways to innovate so that old processes and systems can be improved.

Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds
Having a degree in Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, a post-graduate diploma in business management from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, and over 16 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Suvankar is the Whole Time Director designated as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Senco Gold & Diamonds.

Awards & Recognition:
•CEO of the year for Phygital Technology Impact at the Retail Jewellery MD & CEO Awards,
•XIA Business Leader of The Year” by SXC Calcutta Alumni Association South Chapter,
•Xavier’s Business Award” from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
•Awarded Best Retailer East
•Awarded XIA 2018 Young Entrepreneur of the year and TIE con Kolkata Emerging

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