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Tapas Mathur :  A Driving Force Behind Xfinity Buildcon's Success In Construction Industry

Tapas Mathur : A Driving Force Behind Xfinity Buildcon's Success In Construction Industry

Tapas Mathur  ,   Managing Director

Tapas Mathur

Managing Director

The construction industry in India stands as a dynamic and pivotal sector, contributing significantly to the country's economic growth. With the rapid urbanization and infrastructural development taking place, the demand for construction services has soared. Amid this vibrant industry, Tapas Mathur, the Managing Director of Xfinity Buildcon, emerges as a distinguished leader playing a crucial role in empowering and shaping the sector. With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, he possesses a foundation in civil engineering and holds a business management(PGBCM)from IIM Tiruchirappalli. His professional journey includes significant roles at renowned companies within the construction sector. His educational pursuits, combined with over three decades of hands-on experience in the construction domain, make him a seasoned professional in the field. Let’s get to know more from him.

Could you please share details about your professional journey and background, along with the factors that drive your daily activities?

I have a background in civil engineering and pursued additional higher education courses. Following this, I completed a Business Management program from IIM Tirchy Commencing my professional career in 1993 as a site engineer at B L Kashyap & Sons worked for 28 years & later in Kalpataru Projects International as Vice president. I gained extensive experience working on diverse projects such as commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals, and airports across India. My primary responsibilities included project management, cost management, technical support, and coordination with consultants. Over the past three decades, I have garnered valuable experience and currently have established myself in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

To stay motivated, my daily routine involves waking up at 6:30 AM and dedicating 45 to 60 minutes to yoga. This serves as a key source of motivation for me. Subsequently, I plan my day, reviewing tasks, meetings, and appointments with clients and higher-level management. I find great enthusiasm in connecting with new clients and engaging with individuals at elevated managerial levels.
How would you describe XFINITY Buildcon in the market and its organizational position?

XFINITY Buildcon is currently in the process of establishing itself in the construction and contracting market, primarily operating in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Our leadership boasts over three decades of industry experience, and the organization is dedicated to upholding standards of excellence, safety, and sustainability under the aegis of our key leaders Pandeti Raghupathy (Director Commercial), Karthik Agni (Director Design), and Srinivas Raju (Director Business & Procurement). The company's primary focus is on projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our primary goal is to establish a robust position as a leading entity in the construction industry, emphasizing environmental sustainability

With a strong regional presence in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we are keen on establishing connections and collaborations with our customers, aspiring to be their trusted partner. Given the significant potential in the current markets of Hyderabad and Bangalore, our concentration is strategically directed towards tapping into these opportunities.

Can you share insights into your leadership approach and the principles or methods you employ to guide your team?

In leadership, my primary focus is on thoroughly understanding the project requirements and client expectations. Drawing from my experience in the construction industry, I impart knowledge on aspects such as quality, safety, costing, and work methodology to my subordinates. It is crucial to instill a sense of urgency and the importance of timely project delivery with high quality. When undertaking a project, we follow a systematic approach that includes project costing, resource planning, execution planning, and building estimates to ensure a smooth workflow. My objective is to inspire my team to view each task as a challenge, emphasizing commitment to delivery. I advocate for employees to embrace multitasking roles, fostering a dynamic and proactive work environment. This approach aligns with the dynamic nature of the construction field.

Could you share your future plans for the company in the next five years?

Our primary goal is to establish a robust position as a leading entity in
the construction industry, emphasizing environmental sustainability. We aspire to set new standards that prioritize comprehensive values, aiming to be recognized as a trustworthy partner known for reliability, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our mission involves inspiring and transforming communities through exceptional construction and design, creating spaces that blend quality, sustainability, and human well-being. Additionally, we are not solely focused on construction but are actively involved in real estate development.

Our key objectives include sustained growth, continuous innovation, and positioning ourselves as a prominent authority in the construction industry. We have various verticals, including construction, project management, and structured design. Looking ahead, our target for the next five years is to attain a prominent position, showcasing reliability and respect in the market. We aim to be recognized as the most reliable and respected construction and real estate company. This is our overarching goal, and we are dedicated to achieving it through strategic growth and market presence.

As an industry leader, what advice would you offer to emerging leaders?

In the current scenario, the construction industry is grappling with a shortage of skilled manpower. The critical need of the hour is for skilled and experienced engineers to address this gap. I strongly emphasize to engineers, associates, and other stakeholders the importance of thoroughly understanding the work and activities involved. Hard work is essential to achieve optimal results. Wastage control is a crucial aspect, every individual must focus & have control on this which will enhance the project execution efficiency. Additionally, incorporating recycled materials and waste reduction strategies contributes to cost savings in construction projects. Effective project planning is key, and I encourage people to provide training to employees on various topics, including quality specific assignments and contract management, execution, all of which are integral to the construction industry.

Tapas Mathur, Managing Director, Xfinity Buildcon

Tapas Mathur, a seasoned professional with over 30 years in the construction industry, having technical background with civil engineering and business management from IIM Tirchy. Throughout his career, he has been a key contributor to renowned companies in the field, showcasing expertise in project management, sustainability, and innovation.

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