Vilambi Technologies: Striving For Consistent Improvement Through Constant Innovation

Vilambi Technologies: Striving For Consistent Improvement Through Constant Innovation

Vijay Padmanabhan,FounderFor the past 15 years, changes in the technology space, consumer habits, open markets, and modernization of government policies have brought about unprecedented changes in the business model of existing businesses, and new business models have also evolved. Enterprises now have to start thinking differently about their products and services throughout its lifecycle. From idea generation to execution, companies have to incorporate various techniques to create the right products/services for the right customers at the right time.

One company that understands this need and provides services that help organizations in Market assessment, Innovation management, Strategic planning, Enterprise Architecture, and Data storytelling is Vilambi Technologies. Headed by industry stalwart Vijay Padmanabhan, Vilambi Technologies has been able to build a positive reputation in the industry and create a niche in the market owing to the quality of their offerings.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Vijay talks in detail about Vilambi Technologies and its operations.

Where are you positioned in the IT consulting space of India?
Industries across the globe have been affected by the digital revolution. Technology has become a key differentiating factor for many businesses, enabling them to improve their productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. However, the majority of businesses need expert support and guidance to take the leap into digital transformation. This is where we come in and all our IT services are geared towards helping organizations transform their business model towards a digital-driven economy.
What is the USP of your organization that segregates it from the competition?
We are a small, nimble business based out of Chennai, which is my hometown. We are relatively new in the IT consulting space in India. We started by offering consultancy services for the Education industry (Universities and Schools). Since then, we have expanded into consulting for the Foodservice Industry, and Information technology Industry. Our primary consultants have extensive experience working in the USA (more than 30 years combined). In addition to our deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and consulting experience, we also bring a few unique value propositions for our clients including -

• Our business is developed on the premise that we keep our core small and develop strong partnerships with companies who can provide a variety of services. This strong network helps our clients immensely.

• Our core expertise lies in Information Technology, Finance, and Accounting. This combination helps us provide financially sound and sustainable solutions to our clients at an affordable price.

Kindly explain about your various offerings and what are the unique benefits that you offer to your clients? Also, share a couple of case studies that showcase the quality of your operations?
We offer 6 different services to our clients including Capabilities-based Planning, IT Service Strategy, Strategic Market Assessment, Innovation Management, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, and Data Visualization and Storytelling. We combine our technical expertise, industry knowledge and passion to help our clients navigate their transformation journey. A partnership with us involves not only our expertise but also the expertise of our extended network which includes key relationships built in India and the US.

• One of our Higher Education clients was looking to enhance their strategic planning process using data. Vilambi Technologies was involved in surfacing the high-value data through mining, analysis, and eventually creating a visual story. We were involved in creating the portfolio roadmap, and project performance dashboards to help our client make strategic decisions on Resources, Project prioritization,
and Financial Investment. Beyond developing these dashboards, we also engaged with them for 3 subsequent quarters to make sure the process is efficient and achieves the desired result.

• An established Foodservice client of ours who was recently affected by the COVID pandemic was looking to revamp the business model to align with the digital world. We conducted extensive research on their market, customer stories, and digital trends. Based on the data collected, we developed a new business model canvas and presented to the client with recommendations to transform their business. We even linked them up with a potential investor for their business. This has led to the revamp of their digital presence, new ecommerce offerings and modified digital marketing strategies.

Do you customize your offerings? What strategies do you undertake to do so?
Each organization is unique in its processes, people and vision, so we work closely to customize our offerings. The needs of the business also evolve over a period of time as it goes through transformation. We believe that understanding the need is key before consulting with our clients. Matching the frequency of our clients and understanding their market is key in customizing our service.

What is the future roadmap for Vilambi Technologies?
The current pandemic has forced us, similar to many companies globally, to revisit our competitive strategies and plans for the future. We would like to keep our footprint small and continue to be agile and resilient. We strongly believe in helping organizations to be socially responsible and help their products and services benefit society. In that sense, we would like to engage more in the Private-Public Partnerships where we can bring the government, educational institutions, and commercial organizations together to achieve public good.

Vijay Padmanabhan, Founder, Vilambi Technologies
His passion for his profession has helped him to offer unique value propositions to his clients. Evolving with the changing times, Vijay has also charted out a well-planned future road map for Vilambi Technologies which will help the company to break new frontiers in the IT consulting space of India.

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