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Yash Kaul: Pioneering Healthcare Transformation In India Through Helmier

Yash Kaul: Pioneering Healthcare Transformation In India Through Helmier

 Yash Kaul,   Co-Founder & CEO

Yash Kaul

Co-Founder & CEO

The Medical Device industry is a dynamic and vital sector within the healthcare landscape, playing a pivotal role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of many medical conditions. In this ever-evolving domain Yash Kaul, Co-Founder & CEO of Helmier, shines as a beacon of innovation and transformation. With a distinguished educational background from BITS Pilani and IIM Kozhikode, Yash has a rich and diverse experience of over 26+ years of experience in both Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device organizations. Yash Kaul's visionary leadership at Helmier is instrumental in empowering the healthcare sector in India, driving forward a mission to relentless customer enhance patient care and wellbeing through cutting-edge medical technology and unwavering commitment to excellence. Let’s read more in this interaction.

Could you provide a summary of your professional journey thus far and the inspiration behind founding Helmier?
I'm Yash Kaul, with 26+ years of experience in both medical device companies like Vascular Concepts and Smiths Medical (now ICU Medical), as well as specialty pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly & Company and Boehringer Ingelheim. During my career, I had the unique opportunity to launch two major multinational corporations (Boehringer Ingelheim and Smiths Medical) in India. I also introduced several innovative products and therapies in areas such as Interventional Cardiology, Critical Care, Anesthesia, and Oncology, many of which were the first of their kind in India.

My career began with Eli Lilly & Company in 1996, where I started in sales, specializing in Interventional Cardiology, Oncology, and Diabetology products. Later, I transitioned to a Marketing leadership role at Vascular Concepts, my first experience of working with an Indian organization. Following that, I joined the launch team at Boehringer Ingelheim in India, where I established the entire sales operation. My last corporate position, before co-founding Helmier, was at Smiths Medical (ICU Medical), where I managed the South APAC Business.

The inception of Helmier was a long-cherished dream. The succes
sful launch of two major global MNCs in India has given me the experience and confidence to take this step. My Co-Founders and I firmly believed that the timing was ideal due to the evolving dynamics of the Indian economy, geopolitics, and the current and predicted future state of the Indian Medical Device Industry.

India is often referred to as the 'pharmacy of the world'. However, there's a stark contrast in the medical device sector, where over 70 percent of medical devices are imported. The emphasis on 'Make in India,' reducing import dependence, and the lessons learned from the COVID pandemic all motivated us to establish Helmier.

Reducing import dependence, the emphasis on 'Make in India', the changing dynamics in Indian Med Device landscape & the lessons learned from the COVID all made us believe that this is the best time to establish Helmier

What are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
As the Co-Founder and CEO, I give paramount importance to factors such as customer impact i.e., ensuring our strategies benefit our customers in a way that it supports them in delivering quality patient care for their patients. Long-term sustainability is a key consideration, with a focus on innovation and differentiation rather than mere replication of existing practices.

Our goal is to stand out in the league of gamechanger companies in the Indian Medical Device industry and we intend to lead its coming-of-age and eventually global expansion.

How do you nurture a culture of continuous learning within your team? And how do you guide them in translating these insights into the development of top-tier medical devices and products?
In addressing this question, I would like to reference key statements from our Organizational Identity document that says 'We actively listen to our customers and incorporate their insights into our products, emphasizing differentiation and top-notch quality. After all, one-sixth of the world's population is in India so the unique needs of the customers and patients need to be addressed'. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to understanding the specific requirements of the Indian market and delivering high quality medical devices that meet those

We take this commitment seriously because, as our philosophy states, 'Customer satisfaction is not just a value we uphold it's about consistently exceeding our customers' expectations. Our foremost consideration is the impact of our actions on our customers, whether we're directly engaged with them or not. This underscores our dedication to going above and beyond in fulfilling our customers' needs and aspirations’.

Could you share your leadership approach and the principles you adhere to as a leader?
In terms of leadership, my approach centers on fostering a culture of leadership at every level, emphasizing on the collective process of ‘Leadership’ rather than the cultivation of individual heroes or leaders. I firmly believe that systematically nurturing leadership behaviors is the linchpin of organizational success.

For me, true leadership is about cultivation of more leaders within the team. If I'm not fostering leadership and cultivating leaders around me, then I'm not fulfilling my role as a leader. However, it's essential to recognize that while I can create an environment conducive to growth, individuals ultimately make their own choices.

Leadership, in my view, is not a destination but an ongoing journey and hence continuous focus on awareness and growth and of self and being plugged into the larger organizational dynamics and context is critical.

What is your ultimate future destination?
As for our future direction, we hold a more visionary perspective, believing that if we attain our goals, the numbers will naturally follow.

We intend to stand out in the league of game-changer companies in the Indian Medical Device industry and we intend to lead its coming-of-age.

For our customers, we want to be their all-weather partner and first-dialed number whenever they need anything in our therapy areas.

For people, whether it is internal talent, channel partners, or suppliers, they see us as an organization that creates an environment for growth.

Yash Kaul, Co-Founder & CEO, Helmier
Yash Kaul is the Co-Founder of Helmier. He is a leader with 26+ years in Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. He's a BITS Pilani and IIM Kozhikode alumnus, renowned for launching global MNCs and pioneering healthcare solutions in India.

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