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  • Rajeev Satpal Lakhanpal, CFO, Taashee Linux Services

    Rajeev Satpal Lakhanpal, CFO, Taashee Linux Services

  • “Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it." When Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, philosopher and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century, propounded these aesthetic words, embraced them with two hands was a bunch of entrepreneurs from the 90s. While IT and its satellite industries hosted the dawn of the new millennium, engendered was a handful of self-made leaders who were the ambassadors of genuine change and the limitless possibilities of technology. Most of them not only pioneered the industry, but also created the market for themselves by making a tangible difference in their clients' businesses/customers' lives. Right from the beginning of the digital age, Rajeev Satpal Lakhanpal, the current CFO of Taashee Linux Services who recently took the integrated technology solutions company to the level-next, has been a torchbearer of making that transformation within an entirely different vertical ­ Supplies and Warehousing, using the enormous possibilities of IT.

  • Rajeev Satpal Lakhanpal A Self-Made Entrepreneur Redefining The Role Of  CFO
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    Making the world a better place now also rests on the shoulder of the entrepreneurs. Hence it becomes more important for them to emerge as leaders who is foresighted to see what will fix the disaster created by the pandemic. From being an example for the team and peers in the industry to follow to being the epitome of innovation and creating solutions that will address of tomorrow's issues, these leaders need to run the show from the front walking along with the government and other related agencies to put back the economy on growth track. However, the path isn't smooth anymore. Challenges will mount, road will go rough, and the solutions will be difficult to find. In such times, leading by example, creating solutions that fit the price and the need and is futuristic will be the prime motive of the entrepreneurs. Saluting the torchbearers of the industry is CEO Insights current edition of `Entrepreneurs of the Year ­ 2020'. CEO Insights Editorial Board along with industry expert and investors scrutinized a list of leading entrepreneurs and handpicked to bring their story citing their journey, professional & personal challenges, their strategies, and per personal learnings too.

Entrepreneurs Of The Year - 2020

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Walplast Products Milan Thakkar,CEO Walplast Products A born leader and growth enabler who began his career humbly, joined Walplast as a business head and became its CEO within just three years
Evolve Energy Group Rajesh Shah,Managing Director Evolve Energy Group A perceptive business leader in the solar energy segment with a penchant for strategy and growth development
Taashee Linux Services Rajeev Satpal Lakhanpal,CFO, Taashee Linux Services Taashee Linux Services I feel that one of the hurdles faced by many new and young professionals today is that all too often, people today undervalue their zeal, capability and talent, and I have also had to face this self-same issue

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