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  • Sowrirajan Narayanan, CTO, Notesgen

    Sowrirajan Narayanan, CTO, Notesgen

  • Today, the future of learning and development revolves around technology. A rapid increase in flexible learning environments is allowing students to study together or independently. With the increasing speed of technological changes, it has made critical for edtech companies to stay ahead of technology trends and be able to anticipate disruptions. Tasked with managing the technical aspects of an organisation to ensure that they're in line with the company's growth targets, CTOs are playing a crucial role in managing technical resources and ensuring they're geared towards technological development. A strategic technology executive with 19+ years in technology and business strategy across industries and geographies, Sowrirajan Narayanan (CTO, Notesgen) has led large transformation programs across large and small enterprises. Having worked in the UK, US, Saudi, and India, he has unique experience in managing technology strategy, execution and integration during mergers &acquisitions.

  • Sowrirajan Narayanan: Playing a Key Role in Steering Notesgen through Technological Disruptions

The Regime of Modern-day CTOs

By: Deepshikha Singh, Editor

Times have changed. In fact, ever since the dawn of the new century, the role of a technology leader has been under the dynamic process of evolution. Today, this change is happening in shut eye time and it’s even more dynamic. The pandemic

Creative Ways To Make Use Of Your Floor Space

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When you are planning for a place to stay in Mumbai, you have to ensure that there is ample floor space. This is the reason why most people who opt for Mumbai furnished apartments or rooms on rent prefer to sleep on the mattresses on rent. But it

10 Best Chief Technology Officers ­- 2021

Managing Large Money Transfers Online

By: Ceoinsights Team

Securing the funds transferred by and from customers is vital to the merchant’s reputation and the trust that potential clients will have in it. Given how ubiquitous online shopping has become lately


How AI & Ml Are Transforming The Global Banking Industry

By: Alok Bansal, MD & Country Head, Visionet India

Times are changing, and so is the way the customer banks today. As the global banking industry becomes more service - oriented, banks have responded by adding digital transformation


CEO's Guide To Data Driven Organization

By: Piyush Chowhan, Group Chief Information Officer, Lulu Group

Data is the new SOIL' which will drive the future organizations in the digital era. This is a statement which most of CEOs now understand very well. Data is already being spoken in most board room


Supply Chain Digitization Is The Key To Building Immunity Against Disruptions

By: Rahul Garg, Founder, Moglix

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transmit unabated, it continues to throw light on the digital divide that has led to gaps in the supply chains of enterprises and rendered them


Digital Transformation Revolution With Digital Twin Technology

By: Shirin Hameed, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Detroit Engineered Products (DEP)

Simulation in as a part of the product development cycle is no longer limited only to the design stage, but extends to design development, prototyping and manufacturing. And now with digital twins


Pursuit Of Excellence

By: Rajesh Kumar Singh, Global Head - HR, KPIT

Have explored a variety of roles in a professional life of more than 20 years spanning Public sector, Government, Private Sector and Startup. My journey began with State Bank of India as


A Leadership Paradigm Shift For The New Normal

By: Dr. Madana Kumar, VP & Global Head - Leadership Development, UST Global

We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories about what the future could hold for our lives. We


5 Secrets Of Successful Cloud Migration

By: Anurag Sinha, Head - Banking & Finance Practice, Wissen Technology

Studies have shown that nearly one third (approximately 32 percent) of an organization’s annual IT budget will be consumed by cloud services by 2021. From being an experimental


Key To Improve Business Margin - 'Productivity & Efficiency'

By: Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, Billionsmiles Hospitality

Today, business is evolving, every minute and every second. Consumer demand and consumer perception plays vital role in demand which changes the style of business. To protect the

  • 10 Best Chief Technology Officers ­- 2021

    The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the highest technology executive position within a company and manages an organization's research and development (R&D) and its technological needs. He/she leads the technology or engineering department, and plays several other roles as well depending on the company, including that of a strategic planner, customer relations liaison, and overseer of infrastructure. Fifteen years of IT experience, along with a graduation and certifications in computer sciences and business administration is the minimum qualification required for a CTO. A CTO should be able to develop strategies to enhance product & services, increase revenue, and performs cost benefit analysis & return-on-investment analysis. A CTO handles more of a strategic planning role, whereas technology focused operational roles are performed by the CIO. Making strategies for ensuring cybersecurity also falls under the role of CTO.

    Today, with the sudden leap in technology, the need for CTOs has become inevitable than ever before, especially in the case of companies that handle niche technical products. Today's innovation-driven businesses are largely dependent on technology for manufacturing, delivering, and promoting their digitally-enabled business offerings competently. A CTO plays the main role in taking startups to the next level.  There are many technological startups that have attained great height by using proper technological innovations and strategy planning.

    This issue of the CEO Insight magazine brings you a list of "10 Best Chief Technology Officers ­ 2021". Crafted by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insight editorial team, we hope to deliver their inspiring stories and the vision and strategies of such individuals.

10 Best Chief Technology Officers ­- 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Indian ExpressIndian Express Amardeep Vishwakarma, Chief Technology Officer Solving challenges in technology for 16+ years with expertise in software engineering & management and contributing to management of teams of technical professionals
ToneTagToneTag Anil Kumar,Chief Technology Officer Specialized in Fintech, Supply Chain Management, Retail and Manufacturing for 20+ years and solving extreme technology challenges with self motivation and high performing teams
PersistencePersistence Deepanshu T,Chief Technology Officer The business world operates on very different natives to the tech world. The tech side is fascinated by building new innovative products while the business side wants products that can move the needle and make an impact in the market today.
SenioritySeniority Neeraj Bhople,CTO Learning and sharing should go on forever – that’s what helps you to grow.
CloudQ IT ServicesCloudQ IT Services Niyas Ahamed Mohamed Noohu, Chief Technology Officer A technology leader enabling businesses to grow & increase ROI, leveraging comprehensive, sustainable economical cloud strategy and digital transformation solutions, backed by 20+ years of accumulated technological experience
Everest EngineeringEverest Engineering Ranganathan Balashanmugam,Founder & Chief Technology Officer He has led Aconex in India and has expertise creating two firms. He also speaks at a number of international conferences
BlueRose TechnologiesBlueRose Technologies Sambit Rout,Chief Technology Officer An experienced IT leader meticulously leading BlueRose Technologies harnessing the best of global technology service & digital solutions
NotesgenNotesgen Sowrirajan Narayanan,Chief Technology Officer Leading for 19+ years in technology and business strategy with excellent skills in technology strategy, management, process implementation, product development, testing and operations
ICICI SecuritiesICICI Securities Subhash Kelkar,Chief Technology & Digital Officer A technology transformation professional with skills and technology experience in Mobile Apps, Portals, CMS, SAP, Siebel, Talisma, SFDC, Telecom Switches, CTI, RDBMS and GUI - Open Source
RBL BankRBL Bank Tejas Mehta,Chief Technology Officer Highly effective management, techno and commercial professional with exhibited success in business scaling, increased productivity and cost reduction, business strategy and experimentation and implementation

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