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  • Deepa Nagarajan, Founder

    Deepa Nagarajan, Founder

  • Owing to the covid-19 pandemic, most of the organizations, in most industries, have been impacted and forced to relook at their business models, and while many businesses have succeeded, many more have come crashing down owing to the adverse impact caused by the pandemic. Even several industries like the travel and tourism industry have been impacted due to the pandemic. People are still figuring what they can expect in the post-pandemic era. So, it is high-time that businesses prioritize on rethinking their organizational structures and business strategies due to the fact that the pandemic has brought to light the major flaws that conventional business models and operations had. With more and more businesses finding it hard to stay afloat in the current pandemic-struck market, they should be able to adapt to these challenging environments.

  • Deepa Nagarajan: A Connoisseur Of Business Strategy Creating Unique Business Models That Prioritize On Customer Satisfaction

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We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories


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  • Top 10 Corporate Leadership Development Companies - 2021

    For a successful business, strong leadership is very much necessary, and globally located organizations are conferring leadership as a major factor for determining, enabling and sustaining growth opportunities. Experts' research suggests that in the competition of business success in a dynamic environment, leadership roles contribute to more than 40 percent of the results that are achieved. Top-notch companies have leadership development programs offering solutions that are empowering organizations which aim for the development of their leadership and talent teams' expertise for achieving business visions.

    Corporate leadership programs delivered by the training companies involve courses, learning and education materials and programs for the improvement in performance of the high-level employees in the designations of management or chairpersons. Often, the supervisors, middle managers and senior executives are also stated for training by the corporate leadership developers for the development of personal leadership qualities for enhancement of office performance. The corporate leadership training companies offer wide arrays of leadership development programs which are both classroom-based learning & coaching programs and e-learning & related virtual training programs.

    From instigating unflappable qualities to increasing an organization's talent potential, decreasing costs and developing professional opportunities to individuals, in the business of learning, the training sector is ascribed for the textbook flabbergast in-formation based on thorough analysis, experience and expertise about leadership development companies. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we present to you a list of `Top 10 Corporate Leadership Development Companies - ­ 2021'. Crafted by a team of corporate trainers, industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine's Editorial board, this list delivers impeccable information about the companies and the training they provide.

Top 10 Corporate Leadership Development Companies - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Centre for Training and Professional DevelopmentCentre for Training and Professional Development Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty,CEO CTPD helps companies design and redesign their learning and development initiatives to focus more on mentoring and collaborative learning which will develop both personal and organizational skills of the emerging leaders to meet collective goals
Centum LearningCentum Learning Sanjay Bahl,CEO & MD An ISO 9001:2015 certified talent transformation company focused on corporate training, livelihood skilling, skills at schools & colleges and CSR partnerships
Coverdale ConsultantsCoverdale Consultants Hanspeter Durlesser, CEO,Elvira Klein, Senior Consultant With a proclivity to guide people and organizations through change processes in such a way they inculcate comprehensive corporate leadership & development skills and people skills to overcome challenges
Crestpoint ConsultantsCrestpoint Consultants Naresh Purushotham, Founder & CEO,Lakshmi Krutivasan, Co-Founder & Director - Business Development Crestpoint Consultants offer Management and Leadership Development programs, and is the India partner for Crestcom International, US
Deepa Nagarajan LLPDeepa Nagarajan LLP Deepa Nagarajan,Founder An exemplary business leader with a keen eye for organizational redesign and OKR implementation
InspireOneInspireOne Deepak Mohla,Managing Director One of India’s leading consulting firm offering organizational and leadership development solutions such as Leadership Development, Sales Development, and others
Outperform LearningOutperform Learning Kanika Batra, Ricky Tyler, Nidhiya Mutunayagam,Co-Founders Specializing in the areas of Learning & Development, Talent Development, Workforce Capability, and Leadership Development
Potential Genesis HR ServicesPotential Genesis HR Services R Ramamurthy Krishna,Founder & Chief Learning Officer A global organization designing customized people development solutions and laying its expertise in developing contemporary learning and human capital progress solutions for the new Human Age
Raja Krishnamoorthy AssociatesRaja Krishnamoorthy Associates Raja Krishnamoorthy,Principal Consultant & Director As an independent OD consultant Raja works largely in the areas of Developing Organizational Culture, Mentoring Transformational leadership, Enhancing Collaboration & Team synergy, and building accountability and Managerial effectiveness
Wellness SpaceWellness Space Gunjan Y Trivedi,Co-Founder & Life Coach A certified & well-versed NLP trainer company transforming corporate individuals & teams through vast experiences in global corporates, wellness and sports

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