10 Websites to Get Free Images for your Landing Page

Images make a website more engaging. They also help you to communicate easily, without using a lot of words. An image will also change the architecture of your website, guaranteeing a better user experience. Images are quite important even in academic writing where they can be used as illustrative materials. Some students may say “ my paper writer forgot to add some necessary images”, but they can find them at free picture storages in just a few seconds.

10 Websites to Get Free Images for your Landing Page

The problem with images is that they come with copyright. You will be required to pay the owner if you use his or her images on your website. Another challenge is the likelihood of using am image that has already been used by another player in the industry. It appears as though your website is a clone or lacks originality.

It is also difficult for companies to take photos of the desired places around the world without spending more than a reasonable amount. Luckily, some websites offer original and high-quality images for free. It will help you to build a website with original images without infringing on the rights of the owners.

What Are Free Images?

Who has the time and resources to take photos and offer them to the world free of charge? Some websites have found a way of gathering these photos and offering them to the world without any charge. However, there are conditions you should know that are usually attached to access to these photos.

Free - the term refers to images where the user will pay nothing for using such photos. You are also not required to indicate the copyright owner. One of the challenges of using these photos is that other people and websites might pick the same photos. Multiple usages will dilute the strength of your brand or image.

Paid - a paid image means that you have to pay for it. luckily, once you have paid for the photo, it will be withdrawn from the stock. This is one of the best sources of free images for your landing page. It eliminates the need for attribution. Visitors to your website will feel the originality that comes with owning the photo. In case someone uses the photo, you can sue or cause it to be brought down. A website that offers images for sale invests in quality. You will also get a wider variety of images, helping you to build the perfect landing page. The same image may also be available in landscape and portrait formats. It allows you to get value for the images you are paying for, and, therefore, craft the best website for your brand.

Attribution - the website requires you to attribute the source of any image you collect from the site. The attribution may be in the form of the name on the image or a link to the source. Such requirements take away the sense of originality that a landing page should show. Since the image is not withdrawn from the stock, you are likely to find it on other websites.

Account Creation Sites - the site works like a club where you add your photos and enjoy those offered by other account holders on the site. It means that you have to login every time you need an image. Still, you run the risk of using the same images with your competitors.

Image repository sites - the websites are accessible to the public instead of being run by individual studios or photographers. You have to negotiate the prices with each seller.

Free photos might be available everywhere but they still fail to meet your expectations. Before downloading an image, several factors must be right, else the images will be useless. They might also affect the perception of your brand among potential customers.

What To Look For In An Image


The quality of images is determined by the pixels. An image should contain the highest number of pixels in a square inch. The pixels will be determined by the camera used. Websites that offer photos for sale or require an attribution will provide high-quality images. Websites that offer absolutely free images might not guarantee quality.


Images are available in portrait or landscape. The image may also be taken in other creative dimensions, making it appropriate or inappropriate for use on your website. The orientation must be right if an image is to serve the intended purpose. Images can be changed from portrait to landscape during use. However, such changes may lead to loss of quality or the desired properties may be lost. It explains the need to buy or obtain images from a credible website that provides multiple options. You may also ask for the features directly from the photographers.

Copyright Marks

It would be atrocious to use an image with marks of other brands or the photographer on the face. The image is usually confusing and will cause your clients to doubt the authenticity of your brand. Some of the marks are hidden in unobvious places. You need to be keen to see them on the image.

the licenses to use an image will also vary. Some owners allow free use as the image is not sold. Public domains, charities, and institutions also get a free pass in some instances. Each right to use an image will be marked by a different symbol. Understand these images to avoid conflicts once you have used the image.

Websites Offering Free Images For Your Landing Page

As discussed before, some websites do not charge loyalty or require payment for use of their images. They also provide high-quality images that will raise the profile of your brand. The websites listed below also offer similar images with multiple orientations. It is a guarantee that you will get the perfect image for your website.

The website provides one of the largest collections of high-quality images online. It will privilege free images before offering the option of copyrighted images. The copyrighted images will only be available if free images do not meet your expectations.

Photos from Pexels do not feature copyright details on the surface. The image is as clear as if you have captured it on your device. The site does not require registration or the creation of an account. In case you are directed to a website with paid photos, the instructions will be clear to avoid copyright infringement.

Pexels is popular because it offers photos of all kinds and with different dimensions. Pexels also offers an easy search option which enables you to get the perfect photo based on the desired theme. It is the easiest source of free images for your website and landing page.

Freerange Stock

The site requires you to register as a user. It features a collection from different users drawn from all corners of the world. The images uploaded do not include copyright information. As a result, they are free for use on any website.

As a membership platform, Freerange Stock offers particular advantages compared to other sites.

  • You can create a catalog based on your favorite photos. It helps you avoid repetition.

  • The website allows you to share photos on other platforms like social media, email, and other websites.

  • The photos are free for use on commercial platforms like a website, blog, books, and advertising.

Unsplash or Re-splashed

The website features images from a team referred to as Crew. The photos are taken purposely for the free provision or access by the public. Because of their dedication, the team has ensured that only high resolution images can be found on the site.

Re-splashed is by the same team, but they have attempted to offer a better user experience. They have added a more convenient search feature. They also provide images with multiple dimensions and features. The images are available on subscription but the membership will be worth every image on this site. The team updates the photos each week, guaranteeing the best images, and reduced chances of repetition.

The Open Photo Project

The project is more than two decades old. It was created by Michael Jastremski in 1998 and has set the pace for many other platforms. It means that the platform is advanced in the provision of images. It also has a rich collection, some of which are rare because of the benefit of time.

The target community guarantees that you will get the widest range of photos. It targets teachers, students, professionals, artists, and individuals who need photos for different purposes. It also offers a plain and very simple interface for accessing photos.


The platform features one of the widest collections of free photos online. Contributions also come from multiple photographers, guaranteeing the widest range of angles and features. Searching for a photo for your website will be easier because they are grouped in categories. The platform also offers tutorials on editing images to make them more useful for your project.


FreePik is the most popular and trendy free images website in 2020. It offers free images but also features paid photos. Since the photos are the most recent, you have the benefit of quality. The recent images also help you to serve present-day images. If you are targeting a futuristic website, this is the place to source your images. The paid images will give you the best value for money. offers a wide collection of images on different scenes and features. You just click onto the website and download your images without having to register or pay for the photos. The architecture of the website makes it easy to find landing page images.

A search option is available at the top where you enter your search-word. Since the website is fast, it will generate results instantly, providing the widest range of images for use on your website. If you are new to photography, you will benefit from the professionally prepared tutorials on how to manipulate these photos. The site also provides the latest tricks and hints on tools you can use in manipulating your photos. It has a vibrant community to share experiences and tips on photo usage.


The website is meant for people who see more than the images on a photo. The photos uploaded capture emotions and a strange depth that will help you to create a sentimental landing page. The passion that has gone into the creation of this collection will provide the most rewarding photo usage experience.

Pixabay is different in several aspects

  • It provides images from all the places you can imagine around the world. Contributors are professional photographers from every street around the world. It guarantees quality images.

  • The images are free for use, even in commercial settings. This does not compromise on the quality of these images.

  • A user is not required to attribute the photos to the original photographer.

With a simple search mechanism, you are assured of finding the exact image that will meet your required standards.


The site has been providing high-resolution images since 1996. Their experience and desire to provide the best free photos have made it one of the most popular sites for developers. It has a search option that will tell you about the most popular images in a particular category. This will help you to avoid repetition and also get an idea of what other developers in your ream are thinking. If you are a photographer, you will also learn a thing or two about taking fascinating photos.


What would you do with a stock of 20 million and growing high-quality photos? This is what Fotolia offers. Without the need to pay royalties and the right to use them on commercial platforms, Fotolia is offering the best value for money. These images are also updated regularly, meaning that you have a chance at a new image every time you visit the site. The images are either cloud-sourced or contributed by professionals, guaranteeing the best variety and high resolution.


It is exciting to get a free photo but you must use it within the licensing regime stipulated. If you doubt the license information provided, contact the owner. You must also ensure that the images fit the industry and meet your expectations for the development of a landing page.