5 Reasons to Choose Onyx Engagement Rings in 2021


5 Reasons to Choose Onyx Engagement Rings in 2021Choosing an engagement ring can be a long and arduous process since this piece of jewelry will signify your love for your partner. When deciding upon the perfect ring, you want it to be sophisticated and special.

With so many engagement rings available in various designs and gemstones, you can become easily confused about which one would be right for your partner.

An Onyx engagement ring is an excellent choice when looking for the perfect ring that symbolizes your love and your partner's personality. Here are the reasons why.


Bold Statement Ring

While it may seem like a non-traditional choice, an onyx ring makes a bold statement that you won’t find with other gemstones. Its versatility also makes it attractive for your partner to wear daily.

Whether you choose Agate Black onyx or Natural Black onyx, it is bound to stand out. Agate black onyx is artificial dyed to make the black color more vibrant, whereas natural onyx is untouched and unprocessed.

Unique Design

An onyx engagement ring comes in multiple designs, and the contrast between onyx and other stones, especially diamonds, can make for a stunning ring. You can also choose a high-quality setting and a mixture of gemstones for your final design.

Both silver and gold make for good metals to set your onyx stone. As onyx is a soft gemstone, it can be shaped into any design of your liking. For 2021, modern and clean designs are trendy, which suit onyx the best as well.


An onyx stone is not as durable as hard gemstones like diamonds and sapphires. This means that the ring can scratch or chip if you subject it to hard surfaces or knocks.

To prevent your onyx engagement ring from becoming tarnished, you should consider placing it in a setting that protects the stone as much as possible.


Besides being a beautiful and unique stone for your engagement ring, an onyx stone also signifies balance and protection. It can also deflect negative sentiments away from the owner of the ring.

Getting an engagement ring with a stone traditionally used in protective jewelry can also bode well for the future of your relationship. It’s an added benefit of choosing an onyx ring for your engagement.

Easy Maintenance

Onyx stones don’t have the same hardness as black diamonds. Hence, it can be cleaned easily to maintain its shine and does not need any mechanical type of cleaning.

Polishing the ring at regular intervals (like every two months) will prevent it from becoming tarnished. Using soap and water is sufficient for simple cleaning, as harsh chemicals don’t suit onyx well and can lead to damage.

Buy an Exceptional Onyx Engagement Ring for Your Partner

When your partner is one-in-a-million, you want to buy a ring that shows off their uniqueness and boldness. An onyx ring is the perfect choice that won’t clash with your partner's outfits but remain a constant reminder of your love for them.

The versatility of the stone also allows it to be worn by both men and women, and you might even want to consider getting a matching set made for you and your partner.

If your partner is a Leo or born in February, an onyx ring would be astrologically compatible for them as well. No matter what budget you may have, you can easily find the perfect onyx engagement ring for your partner.