Airbnb permits employees to live and work anywhere


AirbnbOnline vacation rental company Airbnb has announced to let its employees to live and work anywhere, giving all of them flexibility to make the right choice based on where they are most productive.

If employees move, their compensation won't change and starting in June, the company will offer single pay tiers by country for both salary and equity.

"The vast majority of you will have this flexibility. A small number of roles will be required to be in the office or a specific location to perform their core job responsibilities, and those of you who have these roles have already been informed," Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said in a statement late

Two years ago, the world was turned upside down, Airbnb offices were closed and people worked from bedrooms basements and home offices.

Chesky said that work-from-anywhere did not affect the company's performance.

Starting in September, Airbnb employees can live and work in over 170 countries for up to 90 days a year in each location.

"Everyone will still need a permanent address for tax and payroll purposes, but we're excited to give you this level of flexibility, said the CEO.

Currently, more than 20 countries offer remote work visas, and more are in the works.

"If your pay was set using a lower location-based pay tier, you'll receive an increase in June. Before you move, make sure to talk to your manager about performance and time zone expectations, as well as your availability for team gatherings," the CEO informed.

Instead of spending a set number of days in the office together, the company is prioritising meaningful in-person gatherings that will happen throughout the year.

Airbnb now has 4 million hosts who have welcomed more than 1 billion guest arrivals across over 220 countries and regions to date.