Altair Marks the Calendar for the Release of its Upcoming Altair SimSolid

Altair Marks the Calendar for the Release of its Upcoming Altair SimSolid



Leading computational intelligence firm, Altair has marked the date for the launch of Altair SimSolid for electronics, bringing game-changing fast, easy, and precise multi-physics scenario exploration for electronics, from chips, PCBs, and ICs to full system design.

“As the electronics industry pushes the boundaries of complexity and miniaturization, engineers have struggled with simulations that often compromise on detail for expediency. Altair SimSolid will empower engineers to capture the intricate complexities of PCBs and ICs without simplification,” said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair.

“Traditional simulation methods often require approximations when analyzing PCB structures due to their complexity", added Scapa.

Through its ability, Altair SimSolid has transformed traditional analysis to accurately predict complex structural problems in a fast manner while removing complications particularly geometry simplification and meshing. It takes seconds to minutes up to 25x to derive results which is compared to being faster than traditional finite solvers.

Altair SimSolid eliminates these approximations to run more accurate simulations for complex problems with vast dimensional disparities”, added Scapa.


The Altair SimSolid is anticipated to take on a significant role in the electronics market specifically in the aerospace and automotive industries which are two sectors, facing massive structure challenges.

Training large use cases quickly and economically is now possible with Altair SimSolid’s ability to rapidly and accurately model and simulate complex electronics systems.

Streamlined Electromagnetic Simulation – No Mesh Necessary

With Altair SimSolid’s meshless technology challenges like signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility/interference (EMC/EMI) can be mitigated, while enabling accessibility of electromagnetic simulations.

A Comprehensive Simulation Suite 

As Altair SimSolid advances towards the inclusion of full-wave electromagnetics, it showcases Altair's vision of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary simulation environment. This evolution not only sets a new standard against traditional, mesh-reliant systems but it also promises a future where thermal, structural, and electromagnetic challenges are addressed within a unified, meshless platform for rapid and precise design iterations.