CEO Clubs India's 'Go Beyond Retreat' to Boost Leadership in New Delhi


The Go Beyond Retreat, organized by CEO Clubs India, is set to be a remarkable executive event in India at ITC Maurya in New Delhi. Themed 'Soar High,' it will bring together over 150 top CEOs from various sectors in India to encourage innovation, growth, and excellence.

This retreat is known for gathering the best corporate leaders in India, with National President Kishore Kothapalli and Delhi President Tarun Seth emphasizing its role in nurturing leadership qualities. The event will feature keynote sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, providing a platform for deep discussions on navigating the complexities of the modern business world.

The significance of the Go Beyond Retreat goes beyond immediate benefits, reflecting the changing landscape of leadership in India. It highlights a shift towards collective growth, innovation, and addressing global challenges. As an invitation-only association, CEO Clubs India has been promoting these values, making this retreat a movement towards empowering leaders to redefine success in their fields.

Approaching Go Beyond Retreat 2024, there is excitement among CEOs and the business community. The event is not just about the scheduled activities but also about the intangible outcomes, such as new ideas, partnerships, and inspiration to tackle future challenges. In a constantly changing world, events like Go Beyond Retreat play a crucial role in helping leaders stay ahead, armed with insights and connections for significant impacts in their industries and beyond. Go Beyond Retreat 2024 is a beacon for leadership excellence, inviting India's top executives to explore, learn, and collaborate.