Classplus Unveils Polaris School to Transform Tech Education in India


The Polaris School of Technology presents a distinctive approach to student education, integrating both traditional classroom instruction and practical industry exposure to effectively prepare them for the ever-evolving tech sector. Focused on specialized fields such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, the curriculum is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of the tech industry. Founded by Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal, industry veterans keenly aware of the disparity between conventional BTech programs and industry demands, PST aims to bridge this gap and produce job-ready graduates.

Mukul Rustagi, Co-founder of Classplus and Polaris School of Technology, stated, “At Polaris, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of tech leaders. Our unique approach combines rigorous academic learning with real-world experience, ensuring that our graduates are not only skilled but also industry-ready. We believe that PST will set a new standard for tech education in India and globally”.

The program at PST is based on a work-integrated degree model, focusing on 5000 hours of live coding, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience right from day one. Students will also have the opportunity to start internships from their second year, gaining practical experience and industry exposure. The faculty at PST includes top IIT alumni, tech leaders, CTOs, and founders, providing 1:1 mentorship and guidance to students.

PST extends its educational mission beyond the classroom by nurturing entrepreneurial skills through its in-house incubator, Polaris Tech Combinator. Here, students have the opportunity to launch and pitch their tech startups, with the potential to secure seed funding of up to $10,000. Additionally, students can gain invaluable insights by shadowing CXOs from top tech firms, participating in hackathons and live projects, and joining tech communities such as Web3 and GenAI, among others, to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Situated in Bengaluru, India's tech hub, PST provides students with an immersive campus experience and convenient access to leading global tech companies. The corporate campus is designed to foster professional growth, drawing inspiration from US-based master's programs that emphasize networking as a key component of the curriculum.

For the upcoming batch, PST has launched several groundbreaking scholarships, providing students the opportunity to receive up to a 100% waiver on program fees. These include merit-cum-need and merit-based waivers, scholarships for tech entrepreneurs, and scholarships specifically for women in tech. These initiatives highlight PST’s dedication to making high-quality tech education accessible to deserving students, regardless of their financial circumstances.