Data Ingenious Launches India's First Private AI GPT Model


Data Ingenious Global Limited, formerly recognized as Data Infosys, has introduced 'Private AI GPT: Your Organization’s Private AI', marking India's debut of a private AI GPT model. This innovative AI model provides organizations with a revolutionary AI solution that harmonizes exceptional customer service, boosted productivity, and rigorous privacy and security protocols. By autonomously assimilating information from company websites, the model dynamically trains itself to respond to user inquiries. This offering empowers organizations with a customized, privacy-focused AI solution precisely suited to their requirements.

As a trailblazer in India's IT services arena, specializing in Networking, Web Technology, Software Consultancy, and other pivotal domains, Data Ingenious Global Limited has consistently spearheaded innovation, crafting indigenous products. Through Private AI GPT, the company extends APIs for effortless integration into organizational websites and internal frameworks. These APIs enable organizations to personalize and uphold confidentiality by training the model with their distinct data. By seamlessly incorporating Private AI GPT into their websites, organizations can harness AI-driven services while fortifying the protection of sensitive data.

Startled by the launch, Ajay Data, CEO and Founder, Data Ingenious Global Limited, expressed, “The world has shifted. Since the launch of AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Perplexity, Bing, and Grok, users now expect answers, not just search results. Organizations that don’t adapt and make their information readily available in answer-ready formats risk losing the ability to reach customers, vendors, governments, and professionals. This paradigm shift demands quick adoption of AI solutions that empower your audience to consume company information in a precise, accurate, and professional manner”.

The unveiling of Private AI GPT by Data Ingenious Global Limited reaffirms its dedication to spearheading the technological frontier with inventive offerings. This breakthrough signifies a pivotal moment for enterprises, empowering them to stay ahead in the competitive landscape through AI-enabled interactions while safeguarding data privacy and security. Integration of this adaptable AI model not only enhances operational efficiency for organizations but also delivers an intuitive and dynamic user experience for their clientele. As the digital landscape progresses, embracing such cutting-edge AI technologies becomes imperative for businesses striving to align with contemporary standards of accessibility and effectiveness.