Envision Energy Secures Deal for 588 MW WTGs with Hero Future Energies


Envision Energy and Hero Future Energies have joined forces, marking a significant collaboration in the realm of renewable energy. The framework agreement encompasses various facets of the sector, spanning from wind turbine generator (WTG) supply to cutting-edge technologies like Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Green Hydrogen. As part of the agreement, Envision will contribute 588 MW of capacity, generating an impressive 2,200 GWh units of clean energy annually. This partnership holds the potential to greatly propel India's journey towards attaining its net-zero emissions targets.

Envision has solidified its presence in India's renewable energy sector with the establishment of manufacturing facilities for nacelles, hubs, and blades, alongside a remote-control center for wind projects nationwide. This strategic move has not only created over 2,000 job opportunities but also signifies a significant partnership with Hero Future Energies. Equipped with a rotor diameter of 156 meters, a hub-height reaching 140 meters, and boasting a rated capacity of 3.3 MW, these wind turbine generators (WTGs) are optimally designed to thrive within India's diverse wind conditions. 

Srivatsan Iyer, Global CEO - Hero Future Energies, said, "We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Envision Energy, a key partner in our growth story in the RE sector. Long-term agreements such as this help us mitigate unpredictable supply chain disruptions while ensuring price stability. By leveraging our collective strengths and expertise, we are strategically positioned to expedite the adoption of wind energy and other decarbonization efforts. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future".

Kane Xu, Global Vice President of Envision Energy and Chairman of Envision Energy India, said, "We are delighted to collaborate with Hero Future Energies and accelerate the green energy transition to avert the climate crisis. This partnership is a testament to our long-term commitment to solving the challenges for a sustainable future. Together, we can expand this partnership beyond Wind Turbines to solutions in BESS and Green Hydrogen to become a preferred and trusted NetZero Tech Partner of the Hero group".

Envision has achieved a significant milestone in India's renewable energy landscape, having successfully commissioned over 690 MW of wind projects. Furthermore, the company has secured approximately 7.4 GW worth of orders for its highly acclaimed EN-156, 3.3 MW WTG model, indicating a robust demand for its technology. Currently, Envision is actively involved in supporting projects for 20 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) across six states, spanning over 30 project sites. To accommodate this rapid growth, the company has established substantial manufacturing capacities, with an annual production capacity of 3 GW for Nacelle & Hub in Pune, and a 2.5 GW capacity for blades, featuring nine molds, including its own plant located in Trichy.