Honda Opens New R&D Center for EV Advancement in India


Honda R&D (India), a division of Honda Motor Co, has announced the inauguration of a new research and development facility in Bengaluru aimed at expediting the electrification efforts in India. Honda has established a worldwide objective of attaining carbon neutrality across its entire range of products and corporate operations by 2050.

In pursuit of environmental sustainability, Honda is diligently striving to render a diverse array of its products carbon-neutral in regard to their power sources. According to a statement from Honda R&D (India), the company is specifically targeting the motorcycle sector, with ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality for all motorcycle products by the 2040s. This commitment underscores Honda's proactive approach toward reducing its carbon footprint and aligns with its broader mission to promote eco-friendly practices within the automotive industry.

"Honda believes that in order to continue to be chosen by customers, the company needs not only respond to electrification trends, but also to create new value outside of the established framework and provide more attractive products and services", it added.

As per the company's announcement, the Solution R&D Centre will expedite the integration of advanced mobility technologies into the development of electrified vehicles. Additionally, it will focus on software enhancement and connected services by fostering 'co-creation' through open innovation. This approach involves embracing technologies and concepts from various research and development entities to drive progress collaboratively.

Furthermore, the R&D center will engage in partnerships with innovative companies to cultivate novel services and ventures that extend beyond the current boundaries of existing products and businesses, with a focus on long-term objectives. This was highlighted by Honda R&D (India), which specializes in the motorcycle and power product sectors.