How to Prepare for Class 8 Math Olympiad


How to Prepare for Class 8 Math OlympiadAn Olympiad is a competition in which students take part at the age of 13 in mathematics, natural sciences, and/or literature. These are directed at public and worldwide levels. The Olympiad tests are conducted at the school level for all classes from 1 to 10. The intention behind the Olympiads is to evaluate understudies' abilities and make them ace ideas that are educated in school. Understudies can choose subjects according to their decision. It is probably the best test to distinguish shortcomings and work upon them.

Preparing for the class 8 math Olympiad is a daunting task for many students. To give yourself the best chances of success at this competition, it's important to do as much as you can to prepare. Some key factors include ample practice, choosing effective methods of studying and reviewing, and managing your time. In this article, let’s check out some tips on how to overcome these difficulties and prepare for the competition. Keep in mind that these tips are not meant to be followed “lock-step” but rather to be used as general guidelines.

1. Keeping A Practice Journal

As a student prepares for a mathematics Olympiad competition, a useful technique is to keep a practice journal. A practice journal is a notebook or document where you can write down solutions, explanations, and problems you have worked on. By writing down how you solved problems, and especially by writing down why you solved them in a particular way, it will be much easier to solve similar problems in the future.

2. First Try To Solve Answers On Your Own

One effective method for working through an Olympiad problem set is to first try to solve it on your own. After you do this, look at the answers and see what methods were used and what answers were obtained. You can then apply these methods to other similar problems. For example, if you have a question about the derivative of the function f(x) = x^4 + x^3 – 4x^2 + 2, as a function of 1/x, as shown in the figure below, you can first solve this problem yourself by finding x from the left side of the equation and solving for y from there.

3. Participate In Month To Month Olympiads:

Month-to-month Olympiads are probably the most ideal way of rehearsing for yearly Olympiad tests. Indian Talent Olympiad directs month-to-month Olympiads that are like false tests or demo tests that are conducted each month for Science, Maths, English, GK, Drawing, and Essay. These tests are led online each fourth Saturday. The month-to-month Olympiads are led in part by astute inquiries that make it simple for understudies to get ready for various sections. Online month-to-month tests have ended up being extremely useful to all Olympiad members.

4. Start As Ahead Of Schedule As Could Be Expected:

Understudies who plan for Olympiads should begin their training toward the start of the year. Olympiad tests are typically conducted during November-December, so understudies who start early will finish the prospectus well on schedule. It permits them to rehearse an assortment of inquiries that might be posed in the yearly Olympiads.

5. Get To Know The Prospectus:

Indian Talent Olympiad has clarified the Olympiad prospectus exhaustively regarding its matter page. Kindly visit the individual subject page to find out about the specific schedule.

6. Plan Every Day:

Olympiads don't expect understudies to concentrate on anything extra, yet expect them to rehearse each day. It is a positive routine to have a review design and be ready for the part. Work out the absolute number of days needed to finish every point. The last month should be put aside for correction.

7. Manage Time For Various Subjects:

Time usage assumes a huge part in covering the whole prospectus for various subjects. Understudies should keep a plan where they would designate a separate time plan for reading for the Olympiad tests.

8. Refer To Olympiad Exercise Manuals:

Indian Talent Olympiad gives exercise manuals in different subjects of Olympiads. These exercise manuals give thorough data on various themes. Understudies can rehearse an assortment of inquiries from these exercise manuals and plan for the Olympiads. The books have legitimate clarification of subjects with models for wagering understanding.

9. Practice Test Papers:

Indian Talent Olympiad offers IMO Class 8 2011 Question Paper and many other sample papers for the students. Understudies can rehearse these example papers to comprehend the kind of inquiries posed at the end of the year tests. It assists them with knowing the degree of trouble of the test, to plan as needs are. Understudies can likewise see the number of inquiries they can address inside the given time limit, which is quite possibly the most basic part of the Olympiad. Understudies can purchase earlier year's inquiry papers sets online from the Indian Talent Olympiad.


Practice is the way to prevail in any assessment throughout everyday life. The more you practice, the better understanding you have about basics. Modification is basic for any test planning. Practice is the solution to your inquiry, "how to get ready for Olympiad tests". Getting hung on the right substance, giving time, and keeping an inspirational perspective assists you with prevailing in Olympiads.

11. Know The Important Olympiad Books:

Understudies need to get ready from their coursebooks proposed by their educational committees (ICSE/CBSE/State sheets). Furthermore, understudies can allude to and request the Indian Talent Olympiad's exercise manual, Olympiad study application presented from the Indian Talent Olympiad, Previous year question papers, and test papers for each Olympiad assessment. Indian Talent Olympiad likewise gives practice books to each class, so understudies can set up the thinking and coherent area.


Dedicate separate times for various parts. Prepare a daily practice to plan for the test. Understand Maths Olympiad prospectus and become more acquainted with what is asked in the test. Purchase Indian Talent Olympiad's Maths Olympiad exercise manuals and test paper sets. Understand the degree of trouble of each question to rehearse appropriately. Practice various inquiries from the coherent thinking segment. Identify troublesome formulae and practice for those independently. Practice assortment of word issues by alluding to various review material by the Indian Talent Olympiad. Track your advancement, check the number of inquiries you could endeavour accurately inside the given time limit.

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