India Amplifies Global South's Voice in AI Global Forums


WithWith the hosting of the 'Global IndiaAI Summit' in New Delhi, India would assume leadership on artificial intelligence from a declaration through which she has been demonstrating since 2015 the democratization of AI and access to the other countries of the world. The summit registered a turnout of more than 2,000 global AI experts, policymakers, practitioners, industry leaders, startups, and academia, along with an additional 10,000 virtually, furthering the role and responsibility of India as a bridge between the realm of AI of the Global South and Global North.

IndiaAI Summit: Built on strategic efforts to make the country's AI ecosystem more inclusive and stronger, together with global positioning towards AI innovation, some of the other key planned sessions in the summit highlighted the core areas of focus of the pillars of IndiaAI Mission.

One of the key highlights included a Collaborative AI on Global Partnership session, in which members of GPAI, AI experts, and representatives of industries deliberated on the strategies to reduce global AI imbalances and further laid out a future roadmap for GPAI.

The overall summit shed light on the implementation aspects of the IndiaAI Mission, emphasizing that it has an approved outlay of Rs 10,372 crore. Of this, Rs 2,000 crore has been set aside to back the Indian startup ecosystem for developing indigenous AI solutions. Among key aspects is subsidized access for enhanced skill development, GPU infrastructure, and access to appropriate computing power and data availability.

India could have a rich competitive advantage, paced along by a highly skilled workforce, an expanding labor market, and a supportive policy framework for AI-driven innovation and economic growth. This would enable mission-mode competitive innovation to create value cost-effectively through Indian entrepreneurs' development of AI.

It concluded with consensus on the way forward for the GPAI's agenda a major stride in collective global governance of AI, in principles and innovation. Overall, this underlined the role and vision of India in global AI discourse and, therefore, in shaping inclusive technological advancements for the benefit of societies worldwide.