India Emerges as the Rising Sun of Auto Exports


InIn a strategic shift within the global automotive landscape, India has emerged as a pivotal export hub for major auto manufacturers, with Honda and Suzuki leading the charge. Leveraging the country's burgeoning base of high-quality suppliers, these companies are capitalizing on India's competitive manufacturing costs to cater to diverse international markets.

Honda has notably begun exporting cars manufactured in India back to its home market of Japan, a move emblematic of India's growing significance in the global automotive supply chain. The Elevate SUV, produced exclusively in India, finds its way to Japanese consumers under the moniker WR-V, showcasing the country's manufacturing prowess.

Similarly, Suzuki, through its Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki, is poised to follow suit by exporting vehicles to Japan and Europe, including its maiden electric vehicle slated for production later this year. Maruti Suzuki's expansion into international markets reflects India's rising prominence as a source of high-quality automotive products.

Not to be outdone, Stellantis Group's Jeep brand has capitalized on India's manufacturing capabilities, producing the seven-seater SUV Meridian in India for sale as the Commander in Japan. Additionally, plans are underway to export the popular Jimny model, signaling India's pivotal role in Stellantis' global supply chain strategy.

While Toyota has yet to finalize its export plans, it currently ships high-end components, including e-drives for its hybrid vehicles, showcasing India's role in producing critical automotive technology for global markets.

Aditya Jairaj, managing director and CEO of Stellantis India, underscores the significance of India's manufacturing standards, noting that not every plant can meet Japan's stringent quality requirements. This recognition highlights India's evolution into a hub for world-class automotive production, enabling manufacturers to penetrate discerning markets like Japan.