Indian Ambassador Says India- France Business Summit Will Boost Their Business Partnership


India's Ambassador to France Jawed Ashraf on Wednesday said the France-India Business Summit is going to "definitely give a great boost to France-India Business Partnership in all dimensions".

Speaking to ANI exclusively, Jawed Ashraf said this would give a thrust to our national priorities that Prime Minister has said are "economic growth, more investment, Atmanirbhar Bharat, reindustrialization of India, access to advanced technologies, defence and self-reliance."

He said, "There are so many areas -- clean energy, health sector, these are all areas of priority for growth, inclusion and empowerment, which are the three pillars of Prime Minister's economic vision."

Jawed Ashraf said the business has to play a very important part, both in terms of innovation and technology, and in terms of investments in markets.

He also highlighted the presence of Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, which he said gave a very strong message over here of India's commitment to Europe and France.

Jawed Ashraf said India's commitment to France can enable India's industry to project their interest in terms of exports and presence in the EU.

"EU is the largest market over here and in the world, and when we talk of exports or presence you need to be present in a market in order to be able to expand, enhance your exports to create value over here, and to generally capture market," he said, adding, "that was the other message that came through very clearly in today's business summit, of the willingness of our industry, as well as of the interests that the French government and the French industry showed in the presence and in the increasing investments from India in Europe." He said, "It's a two-way process."

He said, "What we have seen today is the infusion of new energy, new momentum and clear roadmaps emerging both through the plenary sessions, as well as the CEOs roundtable and the one-on-one meetings that the minister had from eight in the morning, then all the way to the evening, as you saw for yourself."

Stressing upon this, the Ambassador said, "Just the attendance and the quality of attendance as well as the number of CEOs who are there from the biggest of French companies... first reflects to you the level of interest and to translate that interest in India into action requires these kinds of regular business engagement on a big scale."

Jawed Ashraf said, "We had great support from the French government... they're very interested in this. And because business is a very important pillar of the India-France strategic partnership."

Speaking on the expectations of the CEOs, India's Ambassador to France said, "The only message that came up was --We want to do more business with India. And it isn't just because of the market in India."

He said, "They also say that in today's world, because of the geopolitical tensions, you need to do business with people who you count as your friends and who you're comfortable with. This is in their strength. It isn't just our market. It isn't just our growth. It isn't just our talent. It isn't just the rapid growth and infrastructure that digitalization or the expansion or the reforms that we are taking..."

"It is also the full comfort of shared values of democracy," he said, adding "It is well regarded that India respects international law."

On the role of embassies in increasing exports, Jawed Ashraf said, "The government of India is negotiating with European Union about EU-India free trade and investment agreement."

He said, "The second thing is on a daily basis, we are trying to showcase our products. We are reaching out to key importers in France and elsewhere in Europe, we are examining the value chains."

On investments, he added, "We are also encouraging Indian companies to do those that have come here are doing exceedingly well. And France also supports it. France has now for three years in a row been the most attractive FDI destination in European Union."

On the interest in Indo-Pacific region, Jawed Ashraf said both France and India have a deep interest in advancing their partnership in the Indo-Pacific. "France regards India as a premier, its number one partner in the Indo-Pacific region. Similarly, you know, we consider France as a premier partner, one of our major partners in the Indo-Pacific region," he said.