Indian Aviation Sees Domestic, International Growth: Pieter Elbers


IndiGo CEO Pieter Elbers highlighted India's burgeoning aviation sector, both domestically and internationally, as a model for addressing challenges in a rapidly expanding market. Speaking at the conclusion of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting, Elbers emphasized the significance of India hosting next year's AGM in Delhi, where he serves as the Chair of the Board of Governors of IATA.

During the AGM, discussions centred on sustainability and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. IATA Director General Willie Walsh affirmed alignment on the goal of net-zero emissions, with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) expected to play a significant role in mitigating carbon emissions in air transportation.

With the next AGM scheduled for June in Delhi, marking India's return as a host country after nearly four decades, Elbers underscored the transformative changes witnessed globally and within India's aviation landscape. India now ranks as the third-largest aviation market globally, experiencing growth both domestically and internationally.

Elbers stressed that India's experience offers valuable insights into managing challenges in a rapidly expanding market. As the aviation sector continues to evolve, discussions also touched upon the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Elbers acknowledged both the positive and negative impacts of AI and highlighted ongoing efforts within IATA to explore its potential opportunities while emphasizing the ethical use of AI technology.

India's emergence as a key player in the aviation industry presents a unique opportunity for the global community to learn from its experiences and address the challenges associated with rapid growth. With sustainability and technological advancements at the forefront of discussions, the upcoming AGM in Delhi promises to be a pivotal moment for shaping the future of air transportation.