Investment Tech firm Ok! Acquired invests $1,15,000 in EdTech, NFT startup


Ok! Acquired, a Bangalore-headquartered investment tech firm Wednesday revealed that it has cumulatively invested $1,15,000 in two startups, one each working in EdTech and Non-fungible Token (NFT) Derivative industries.

The firm said it has invested $1,00,000 in Uppskill, a Web 2.0 EdTech startup and $15,000 in Bliv.Club, a Web 3.0 NFT derivative startup.

Ok! Acquired is founded by Subh Jha and Sujit Jha. The firm has created a robust platform for business owners in sectors like real estate, IT, food, construction, and agriculture, both startups and small and mid-sized, to list their businesses with all relevant information along with documentation that substantiates their existence.

The firm claims that it only focuses on “providing transparent investment opportunities for all investors and solely operates as a mediator”. Additionally, the firm said it “has no business interests” other than the nominal fees it charges for its services.

The firm acts as an investor and funds Web 2 and Web 3 startups depending on sustainability, scalability, and whether it solves any real-world problems.