Meta Verified & AI now on WhatsApp Business in India, Brazil


Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has introduced 'Meta Verified' in select markets including India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia, as announced by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Conversations, Meta's annual business messaging event held in Sao Paulo.

Zuckerberg explained that the Meta Verified badge signifies that a business has registered its information with Meta. Businesses leveraging Meta Verified gain access to enhanced account support, including protection against impersonation, and the capability to utilize WhatsApp across multiple devices for their staff.

Moreover, Meta disclosed its plans to broaden customer support options for businesses on the WhatsApp Business platform, introducing voice calls to facilitate direct communication between customers and companies for more substantial purchases or complex inquiries unsuitable for text-based chats.

The tech giant also unveiled a range of AI-powered features, starting with the integration of AI into WhatsApp for offering services in various languages. Zuckerberg announced the forthcoming launch of Meta AI in Portuguese, alongside several other languages, emphasizing the accessibility of Meta's AI assistant across its platforms.

Highlighting Meta's commitment to diversifying AI applications, Zuckerberg articulated the vision of creating an ecosystem of specialized AI assistants tailored to different business needs. The goal is to empower businesses to swiftly deploy AI agents capable of interacting with customers, providing support, and facilitating transactions.

Furthermore, Meta's AI capabilities are set to revolutionize customer engagement strategies for businesses. Instead of broadcasting messages to all subscribed customers, businesses can now utilize Ads Manager to target specific recipients based on Meta's AI recommendations, ensuring messages are delivered to those most likely to be interested.

In essence, Meta's initiatives aim to streamline business operations on WhatsApp, enhance customer interactions through AI-driven solutions, and provide businesses with tools to effectively engage their target audience.