NASA and India Collaborate to Train Astronauts for Space Station Mission


Eric Garcetti, the US ambassador to India, announced that NASA will offer advanced training to Indian astronauts for a collaborative mission to the International Space Station. Addressing the 'US-India Commercial Space Conference: Unlocking Opportunities for US & Indian Space Startups' in Bengaluru, Garcetti indicated that the mission might take place either this year or in the near future.

Garcetti also announced the upcoming launch of the NISAR satellite from ISRO's Satish Dhawan Space Center to monitor Earth's resources. NISAR is a joint mission between NASA and ISRO. He emphasized the collaboration between the countries in space exploration and job creation in the sector. Senior officials from both governments and leaders from the commercial space industry participated in the conference.

US Embassy and Consulates in India stated, "US Ambassador to India visited Bengaluru this week to hold a meeting with sector business leaders and entrepreneurs to spotlight robust economic and commercial relations between the United States and India that will transform the coming century, from the seabed to the stars".

Dr. S Somanath, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), commended the visionary leadership of both countries. Atul Keshap, President of the US-India Business Council (USIBC), characterized the collaboration as the inception of a new chapter in the space partnership between the United States and India. Alexander Slater, Managing Director of USIBC, underscored the significance of strategic partnerships in fostering innovation.

In Washington, senior defense officials from India and the United States convened for the second annual US-India Advanced Domains Defence Dialogue (AD3), focusing on enhancing space cooperation and exploring potential collaborations with US industry. The dialogue, spearheaded by Vipin Narang of the US and Vishwesh Negi of India, emphasized the commitment to bolster AD3 through consistent working group deliberations and interactions with diverse US defense entities.