ONDC Empowers 300 Sellers and 400 Women Entrepreneurs, Boosts Digital Inclusion


TheThe Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has bolstered its e-commerce network by integrating 300 sellers and empowering 400 women entrepreneurs across India. This initiative, in collaboration with the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), marks a significant step towards digital inclusion and economic empowerment.

The newly onboarded sellers span diverse clusters renowned for their traditional craftsmanship, including Lucknow (Chikankari), Moradabad (Brassware), Kanchipuram (Kanchipuram sarees), Varanasi (Benarasi Sarees), Khurja (Pottery), and Bargarh (Sambhalpuri sarees). Many of these sellers, predominantly first-time digital entrants, have quickly adapted to the digital marketplace, achieving commendable sales milestones. For instance, nine Kanchipuram sellers reported sales totaling Rs 21 lakh within 10 months, a remarkable increase from their previous monthly average of 10-12 orders.

T. Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, emphasized the transformative impact of digital integration for artisans and women entrepreneurs, highlighting the existing infrastructural gaps that hinder broader access to such opportunities.

In parallel, ONDC has focused on empowering women-led businesses, with approximately 400 women entrepreneurs joining its network. These businesses, including well-known names like Kudumbashree, Jharcraft, UBUNTU Consortium, and SEWA Federation, contribute significantly to livelihoods, supporting over 50 lakh women across various sectors.

The initiative also underscores ONDC's commitment to sustainable development by integrating over 30 social organizations into its network. Notable participants include Itokri, Okhai, Rangsutra, and Gulaab Jaipur, among others. Additionally, 50 sellers from Geographical Indication (GI) pavilions at the India International Fair Trade have been onboarded, enhancing the network's reach and impact in promoting socially conscious businesses.

Koshy reiterated ONDC's role in creating an equitable digital marketplace that levels the playing field for sellers of all sizes and backgrounds. The initiative aims to drive economic empowerment by ensuring inclusive growth opportunities for artisans, women entrepreneurs, and social enterprises alike.

The ONDC's efforts reflect a concerted push towards digital transformation in India's traditional sectors, harnessing technology to bridge gaps and amplify economic opportunities across the board.