Oppo Leads AI Revolution in Smartphones with Major Tech Partnerships


Oppo has revealed plans to integrate AI capabilities into smartphones across all price ranges by the conclusion of 2024. To achieve this goal, the company inaugurated an AI Research and Development Center in Shenzhen in February. Collaborating with industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Qualcomm, Oppo aims to incorporate cutting-edge AI features into its devices.

Oppo highlights that its AI Center prioritizes key domains such as image processing, computer vision, and natural language processing. Emphasizing user data privacy, Oppo assures that it abstains from utilizing user data for AI model training purposes. To safeguard user data, the company relies on third-party certifications, end-to-end encryption, and confidential computing measures.

Oppo announces that it has deployed more than 100 generative AI functionalities on its smartphones in 2024 and possesses over 5,399 AI patents worldwide. Collaborating with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek, Oppo aims to enhance the AI capabilities of its mobile devices. The flagship series will incorporate Google's Gemini family of large language models (LLMs), facilitating features such as AI Writer and AI Recording Summary.

AI Writer provides recommendations for completing sentences, selecting words, and correcting grammar errors, while also offering seamless language translation. AI Recording Summary automatically produces summaries of meetings, transcripts, and podcasts, assisting users in understanding key highlights.

Furthermore, Oppo is working with Microsoft to improve voice and text conversion using Microsoft Fast Transcription and Neural TTS technologies. This collaboration will streamline audio recording transcription and strengthen the connection between desktop AI and Oppo smartphones, it said. Additionally, by year’s end, Oppo users will be able to use desktop Copilot on a connected PC to generate content, translate messages and search for addresses on their phones.

Oppo and MediaTek are collaborating to develop chipsets equipped with specialized AI processing units (NPUs) and accelerators to ensure smoother performance and streamlined AI processing. Furthermore, they are jointly crafting customized AI frameworks, drawing upon MediaTek's expertise to introduce distinctive features tailored for Oppo devices.