Pulsus Group to Establish Rs 300 Crore AI-Based Pharma Healthcare IT Hub in Ameenpur


HyHyderabad-headquartered Pulsus Group has announced the establishment of an AI-based pharma healthcare IT hub in Ameenpur, Sangareddy, Telangana, with an estimated investment of Rs. 300 crore. This ambitious project is expected to significantly impact the healthcare and IT sectors, creating approximately 50,000 jobs.

The project details were disclosed by Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO and Managing Director of Pulsus, at the 73rd IPC Congress, an annual gathering of pharmacists in Hyderabad that commenced today.

Early projections indicate that the hub will generate around 10,000 direct positions within the facility itself and an additional 40,000 indirect jobs through supporting industries and services. Dr. Gedela highlighted the transformative potential of AI, stating, "This AI-powered hub will be aligned with the IPC Congress theme ‘Role of Indian Pharma: For Global Wellbeing.’ By integrating advanced artificial intelligence, we aim to streamline processes, enhance precision in drug development, and improve patient outcomes. This positions Telangana at the forefront of healthcare innovation in India."

Key features of the project include the utilization of innovative AI technologies to enhance all aspects of pharma, from research and development to healthcare delivery. This initiative is set to provide substantial employment opportunities for local residents.

Located within the designated IT/ITeS Zone in Ameenpur, the hub will benefit from excellent infrastructure and connectivity. The project has received dedicated support from the Telangana government and the Software Technology Parks of India, underscoring its strategic importance.

Hyderabad's pharma industry, contributing more than 40% of the country's bulk drug production, is known as the 'Bulk Drug Capital of India' and the 'Vaccine Capital of the World.' The city's focus on innovation, infrastructure, and inclusive growth has been highly rewarding, with Telangana ranking second in manufacturing as per the 2022 Innovation Index rankings and leading the nation with the highest per capita income in 2022-23.

Dr. Gedela emphasized that this initiative demonstrates India's commitment to innovation and its emergence as a global leader in healthcare. "This project not only underscores our dedication to advancing healthcare but also reflects India's growing stature in the global pharma landscape", he said.

The AI-based pharma healthcare IT hub is poised to catalyze significant economic and technological advancements, positioning Telangana as a critical player in the future of global healthcare innovation.