Restoration Builders Expands Business by Possessing Prime Time Roofing

Restoration Builders Expands Business by Possessing Prime Time Roofing

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Restoration Builders, Inc. today proclaimed its new asset possession-Prime Time Roofing LLC ("Prime Time"), headquartered in Parker, CO.

Founded in 2017 with an objective to establish a network of licensed contractors and other industry-related companies, Restoration Builders is a residential and commercial contractor operating across and throughout the United States. Missioned to protect, restore and build properties, strengthen families and support the community, they are locally dedicated and ready to serve the wide populace from disaster. Further thriving prominently, Restoration Builders network aspires to account for a global infrastructure that includes teams, offices, equipment, trucks and other resources. Yearning to capitalize on the $210B+ insurance restoration industry, the company adjudges to collect more than $100 Million revenue for 2019 owing to its expeditiously growing network.

Overhauled by Restoration Builders, Prime Time Roofing's founder Joe Massarotti mentions that he didn’t find roofing but roofing found him. It happened such that once while Joe was coaching his daughter's soccer team, the GM of a roofing company, distraught by the hailstorm in the area came looking for him and asked for
his help. Overtime within short duration, Joe found out that he actually adored communicating with homeowners and everyday he ended up discussing about them and their family amidst his family moments. He realized that he is very much capable to impact families on a positive prospect by guiding them along the claims process and providing top quality services.

Thereby, Joe founded Prime Time Roofing in 2013 aiming to bring rectitude to the industry which was missing since long. Disappointed witnessing this lacking in the steadiness of the construction business, Joe was determined to change it and peace of mind to homeowners with Prime Time.

Prime Time Roofing is an acclaimed, trusted and licensed roofing company that provides roofing solutions across the greater Denver. Employing skilled and experienced roofing experts, deploying the latest roofing technology, Prime Time acknowledges its excellent work ethics, quality materials, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service.

John Lorenz, Chairman and CEO of Restoration Builders, Inc. said, "I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to everyone at Prime Time Roofing". Adding further he mentions, "Joe has built a solid company with deep roots in his community, quadrupling his business in just four years. His expertise with business processes and exceptional customer service will be invaluable to us as we move forward. I am very proud of our accomplishments thus far and believe this team will be a key to our success in the future."

Roofing repair is a burgeoning field comprising of $49 Billion roofing contractors' industry. Including the huge disintegrated local, privately held companies, it majorly encompasses insurance policy holders as its roofing customers who seek to use their coverage for a roof repair or replacement.

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