Sineng Electric and Infineon Enhance High-Power PCS Technology


SinengSineng Electric has recently announced a collaborative venture with semiconductor giant Infineon Technologies, aimed at leveraging the latter's TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 devices to propel advancements in Sineng’s high-power Power Conversion System (PCS) technology. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing Sineng’s capabilities in the field of high-power PCS.

Sineng’s 2MW PCS makes effective use of Infineon’s 1200V EconoDUAL™ 3 power module, achieving a notable increase in power output from 1.725MW to 2MW without altering the unit’s dimensions. This enhancement is underpinned by the advantages of higher energy density, compact size, and heightened reliability, which have contributed to the global acceptance and recognition of the product. This partnership underscores the prominent positions held by both companies within the Photovoltaic (PV) plus Energy Storage System (ESS) sector.

The EconoDUAL™ 3 medium-power IGBT module package, renowned for its widespread popularity in the industry, has been further enhanced by integrating the latest-generation TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 chip technology. This integration has resulted in a significant boost in power density and up to 30% higher output current within the same form factor.

With the incorporation of high-power density components, Sineng’s PCS series has achieved remarkable efficiency, boasting conversion rates of up to 99%. This enables the swift dispatch of power under varying voltage conditions, supports off-grid operations, and facilitates seamless 'black start' scenarios, demonstrating the robust grid adaptability of Sineng’s PCS solutions.

Jiang Zhengmao, Vice President of Sineng Electric, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the longstanding partnership between Sineng Electric and Infineon Technologies. He emphasized their shared commitment to innovation across various sectors, including PV and energy storage solutions. This collaboration underscores Sineng’s dedication to expanding its presence in the energy storage sector and accelerating its global market development efforts.

The partnership between Sineng Electric and Infineon Technologies represents a significant milestone in advancing high-power PCS technology, with implications for enhancing grid stability and reliability in the renewable energy landscape.