Zomato Launches India's 1st Crowd-Supported Weather Network, Offers Free Access


ZomatoZomato Co-Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the launch of, India's first crowd-supported weather infrastructure. The new service provides localized, real-time weather data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall, collected from a proprietary network of over 650 on-ground weather stations across 45 cities, with plans for further expansion. aims to empower Zomato's operations by offering precise weather information to enhance customer service. "We needed real-time weather data for strategic decisions, so we developed our own solution", Goyal stated on X.

The platform’s rich data holds significant potential for various use cases in research and business, benefitting enterprises and research institutions alike. Goyal highlighted existing collaborations with the Center for Atmospheric Sciences at IIT Delhi and expressed anticipation for future partnerships.

In an effort to contribute to the public good, Zomato is offering free access to the weather data network via an API to all institutions and companies in India. "We believe this data is too valuable to keep to ourselves or monetize", Goyal emphasized. "As a Zomato Giveback, we are providing this data for free".

The real-time weather information is expected to enhance productivity across multiple sectors and bolster the economy. Through this initiative, Zomato demonstrates its commitment to using technology for broader societal benefit.