Navigating Change with Courage and Conviction
Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the..."/>
  • Kaushik Sarkar: A Strategic C-Suite Professional With Over Two Decades Of Industry Experience In Finance, M&A & Strategy
  • Top 10 Chief Commercial Officers In IT - 2023

    Navigating Change with Courage and Conviction
    Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the course of nations, organizations, and communities. Their impact extends far beyond their titles and positions, encompassing a wide array of qualities and responsibilities. Effective leaders possess a diverse set of qualities that enable them to inspire, guide, and influence others. Furthermore, effective leaders display adaptability, as they must navigate the ever-changing landscape of their domain, responding to new challenges and opportunities.

    "The leaders are emphasizing responsibility, empowerment, vision, and the ability to inspire others"

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Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Hesa Hesa Cherukupalli Sitaram , CCO An experienced media professional and chartered accountant with a history of working in the broadcast media (Star India) and OTT industry, skilled in production finance, streamlining business processes, content acquisition, talent management and more
Indus Valley Partners Indus Valley Partners Gaurav Aggarwal , CCO A visionary leader with 25+ years of track record in building new companies/ verticals - business vertical of a health-tech organisation, commercial operations function in two pharmacos and strategic consulting vertical for a global leader in healthcare consulting
UL Technology Solutions UL Technology Solutions Jake J Jacob , CCO An executive global leader and a regular conference speaker on leadership, marketing, digital, tourism and advertising, specialised in tourism, destination development, finance & banking, telecommunications and retail
Bosch Global Software Technologies Bosch Global Software Technologies Kaushik Sarkar , Senior Vice President & Director for Finance & Commercials A strategic astute professional with extensive experience of 27+ years working in multi functional, multi-cultural and fast-paced complex environments
Sutherland Sutherland KS Kumar , CCO A strategic and dynamic leader recognized for exceptional ability to consistently delivering business results, also improving the client base, enhancing P&L management as well as customer satisfaction
JM Origin JM Origin Manojan Rajan , CCO A dynamic leader focussed on providing the best fits for Indian women and is also backed by deep insights, market understanding, and data, enabled by the leanest supply chain platform
Amadeus India Amadeus India Rajiv Bhatia , cco A idealist who aims to create a society driven by passion and passionate about energy and working toward creating clean, sustainable energy systems for the future
TechAhead TechAhead Shanal Aggarwal , CCO A passionate leader with over a decade of experience in driving revenue growth and strategic business expansion, also specializes in revenue expansion, client solutions, product innovation, and program management
Ixigo Ixigo Shashanka Koona , CCO A seasoned Business Development and Sales strategist with 20+ years expertise in market creation, service delivery, client and partner relations , vendor management , sales management , business strategy with focus on Public sector, Government, Consulting Organisations and key influencers
PHN Technology PHN Technology Shrikant Kharatmol , CCO An agile enthusiast passionate in helping businesses by creating engaging and enriching experiences in their agile journey by unlocking the agility of the enterprise and digitizing the processes