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  • Top 5 CFOs in Finance - 2019

    In recent years, the role of the CFO in India and across the globe has undergone a sea change. From traditionally, being viewed as a financial boss, the role of the CFO has expanded multifold and evolved to be a strategic partner and advisor to the CEO, supporting in strategic and operational decision-making of the company. With the ability to maintain responsible investments and stewardship as a part of their traditional role expectations, the CFOs today are also expected to remain up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology. Indian firms have geared up to efficiently manage their spending & investment with a keen eye on the future, and the CFOs are quite optimistic about the economy, the outlook for their companies. Improving their ability to manage large data sets in order to understand the business risks and impact of...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Midland Microfin Midland Microfin Amitesh Kumar , CFO A socially oriented Micro-finance professional having 11 years of diversified experience with expertise who ensures customer protection along with capacity building of remote rural markets and a vast research experience in Microfinance, Rural & Agri-business market space
Axis Bank Axis Bank Jairam Sridharan , CFO With nearly two decades of experience in the Banking & Financial Services Industry, he handles Finance, Strategy & Business Intelligence functions at the firm
L & T Finance Holdings L & T Finance Holdings R Shankar Raman , CFO As a CFO, he is responsible for overseeing the entire financial functions across the L&T Group
Bajaj Finance Bajaj Finance Sandeep Jain , CFO Being with the company for over 10 years, heading Business Re-engineering & Investor relations, he is currently managing the overall finance management at the firm
Fed Bank Financial Services Fed Bank Financial Services Sudeep Agrawal , CFO An experienced CFO with 10+ years of experience in finance domain, he handles operations management, banking, accounting, compliance management, treasury management and much more with elegance