Breaking Stereotypes to Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Breaking Stereotypes to Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Chandra Dhandapani, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, CBRE, 0

Women CEOs are breaking the glass ceilings with their leadership in technology. As rightly said by our Former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, "Women sometimes go too far, it's true. But it's only when you go too far that others listen". A leader herself, Sheryl Sandberg's words are a window to what the C-suite in the near future is going to look like. There will be leaders who will be recognized by their work and not just gender - that future is not far behind. A decade ago, what might have looked bizarre, is a reality today ­ women holding positions on top ranks. When we talk about the technology space, women have raged ahead of the shackles of gender, rising in their careers with prolific educational background.

Women in Tech
According to a recent survey, the overall representation of women in the engineering workforce of IT firms in India is just 34 percent and there is one woman engineer as against three men engineers. It has therefore inherently been a space for men to lead. In the recent past, we have had extraordinary women taking top positions in leading tech firms, proving this notion wrong. Various studies at Harvard have represented women as leaders and highlighted that teams with even one female member outperform all male groups in collective intelligence tests. Women are in fact moving ahead in their careers with great vigor and proving that they are no less than anybody else.

In recent times, we have witnessed that many voices have been fighting for gender equality in workplaces.
With women's groups,student communities, influencers and new age media taking these voices to the masses, the slogan is loud and clear­ women demand equal opportunities and equal pay. This worldwide phenomenon has encouraged companies to re-think norms in their companies to promote equality. This has led to an increasing number of women taking CEO positions in many leading firms.

Fighting Stereotypes in the Tech Space
While there is a change that is coming through, the road has not been smooth. Women have fought and continue to fight against gender stereotypes that are hindering their growth in organizations. Apart from moving ahead in their professional lives, most women also have to ensure that their personal lives are not hampered. The technology space is fast evolving with new innovations coming-up with a blink of an eye. In such a competitive environment, women who also have families to look after are not seen as fit for the role. Women have fought hard to break this stereotype and continue to prove that personal & professional lives can go hand in hand.

The Road Ahead
Many companies are now becoming wary of these stereotypes and are taking measures to ensure a better and safer work environment for women. Introducing policies against sexual harassment, providing flexible work timings, and ensuring fair & equal wages are just some of the steps being taken. On the other hand, it is also important to encourage more women to envision themselves in top positions. Womens are often seen as strong leaders who are objective in their approach and at the same time display efficient empathetic approaches to certain situations. These attributes help them give a fresh perspective to many problems at leadership levels. When renowned names in the technology industry showcase how they are promoting women in leadership positions, it stands as an example for other firms to follow suit. That said, women in technology space are moving ahead with absolute confidence and efficiency, while breaking all stereo-types. It will not be long when we will see a panel of women leading the industry, defined by their work and not by their gender.