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 Adithya Kumar: Infusing Innovation And Art With Interior Designing

Adithya Kumar: Infusing Innovation And Art With Interior Designing

  Adithya Kumar,   Founder & Principal Architect

Adithya Kumar

Founder & Principal Architect

The interior design industry has witnessed significant changes in recent years, with both individuals and corporates exploring the idea of using innovative and unique interior and architectural designs and even contemporary concepts. At such a juncture, Adithya Kumar, the Founder and Principal Architect of The Kumar Images is making the most of this trend by bringing innovative interior and architecture designing services to the industry. Adithya began his journey when the interior designing industry in the major cities across the country was witnessing a significant boom. Having been a part of several art and design management projects during his college days, he decided to make the most of that opportunity and introduced The Kumar Images.

Here are the highlights from Ar. Adithya Kumar, Founder, The Kumar Images’ exclusive interview with CEO Insights.

Could you talk about the central idea that led to the company’s inception.
The Kumar Images was founded in 2016 with its focus on interior designing and architecture. Around the same time, Bangalore was witnessing a startup boom. The startups opted for compact, quirky offices in the city. At that time, we were also doing some art-related projects and were lucky enough to be roped in to design interiors of some of these office spaces. These clients wanted everything to be creative and were looking for innovation designs.To make that happen, we started combining art with interior design. There have been projects where I have painted a couple of walls and have built some pieces of furniture and decors for a few projects.

We curate every part of our projects our selves, which makes us stand out. We can proudly say that there are certain things that are only available at The Kumar Images, be it
furniture, décor, wall art, lighting or curated graffiti for the commercial spaces as well F&B joints.

Could you talk about yourself, your role and responsibilities at The Kumar Images?
I bring extensive experience in architecture as well as interior designing. Ever since the company’s early days in the industry, I, as the principal architect of the The Kumar Images, have made sure that every drawing and design that goes out of our office is thoroughly checked so that it’s perfect to be used onsite. Additionally, I focus on marketing and planning to keep things going in the office as well as on the site, a job that demands a lot of efforts and time. As a leader and mentor, the responsibility of leading the team in the right direction falls on me and I work incessantly to make that happen.

The devil lies in the details

I also mentor design students from various reputed interior design schools that I have been associated with. I actively encourage students to learn with hands-on experience.

Which are the company’s services and how differently do you think your company caters to the clients? Also, how do you think these services impact your clients?
Our range of services include architectural designing, interior designing and interior styling. While architectural design work ends at a certain point in a project, interior designing and interior styling go on as they are continuous processes in each project. So, while we carry out the back end work for interiors, we make sure that the client and their family, in case of residential developments and all the stakeholders in case of a corporate project, are directly involved in all the processes. This is where we stand out and bring our own added value for each project. This allows us to know what exactly the clients and the associated people are looking for.

As a team, we are focused on delivering quality projects that demonstrate innovative ideas. We also treat our team of craftsmen, masons and other workers as a family right from day one. As a result, we focus on delivering good work.

Please tell us about the company’s overall journey since its inception.
Also let us know about the professional mile stones that your business has achieved over the years.
Our journey, right since the beginning, has been eventful. While the initial phase was challenging for us, we gradually took on art-related commercial projects for offices as well as the food & beverage sector. Along side, we have been working on various construction and architectural projects for educational institutions. Our work is a result of the right balance created between art, interior design and architecture.

Apart from managing amultitude of projects in India, we have also worked for clients in the US. That has been a major milestone for us and overall, it has been an amazing journey for us wherein we have been able to create a good position for ourselves specifically in the Bangalore market. Over the years, we have understood the significance of decor and styling by working closely with the clients and executing the designs hands-on with skilled craftsmen.

What are the expansion plans of your company?
In the long run, we aim to expand across various sectors of housing, institutions and design flamboyant space. The goal is to curate and bring to life the design in our own manufacturing studio in order to minimize the challenges we face on the construction site. In this process, we tend to design smart solutions that save time and resources.

Adithya Kumar, Founder & Principal Architect
Adithya Kumar is a practicing architect, with an artistic orientation and the experience of working closely with craftsmen & artisans. He understands his clients’ requirements to provide aesthetic design solutions that turn their dreams into reality. Adithya has also curated art for his projects over the years and has even worked alongside craftsmen on sites to make things happen. With his vision and passion for interior and architecture designing, he has managed a variety of residential as well as commercial projects that speaks volumes about the skills he and his team bring to the table.

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