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 Jayanta Basu : Bringing Resilience & Creativity Into Construction Industry

Jayanta Basu : Bringing Resilience & Creativity Into Construction Industry

 Jayanta Basu,  Managing Director

Jayanta Basu

Managing Director

Construction companies are the master builders, crafting skylines and reshaping landscapes with their vision and expertise. From towering skyscrapers to majestic bridges, each project is a symphony of creativity, engineering, and meticulous attention to detail. With unwavering dedication, Jayanta Basu, Managing Director of ITD Cementation India has been navigating challenges, overcoming obstacles, and delivering projects that leave indelible marks on the landscape and the lives of people.

In an exclusive with us, he opens up about his epitome of resilience, perseverance, and creativity, building a better future brick by brick, beam by beam.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional background, including your experiences and what motivates you currently?
I completed my civil engineering degree in 1986 from the Indian Institute of Science and Technology (formerly named Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur) and I have been with this company ever since. My entire career has been focused on Civil Engineering and construction projects, starting as an engineer and gradually progressing to the position of Managing Director. I have also served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for two years and worked in various segments of Civil Construction activities. Helped to create the marine division, which is a core business of our company. My experience spans from the grassroots level to overseeing the operations of the entire company.

How do you define ITD Cementation India and its market position? What makes your organization unique and what value do you offer to clients?
ITD Cementation India has a rich history and legacy, dating back to its inception in 1931 in Calcutta as a branch of Cementation UK. Currently, it is a listed entity with majority ownership by ITD, a Thailand-based major in Civil Engineering. The company has a diverse portfolio, with projects in
marine structures such as jetty, wharf, break water, reclamation, underground Metro using TBM and elevated metro rail including tunnels, station buildings, airport modernization, industrial structures, roads and bridges, water & wastewater, micro tunnel, foundation and specialist engineering among others. This versatility allows ITD Cementation India to adapt to market demands and work in a wide range of segments. As a result the company is recognized as one of the leading construction companies in the country, consistently delivering impressive top-line and bottom-line results. We are one of the most preferred specialized heavy civil engineering and construction companies among the customer. With operation excellence, we are able to be customers' delight. The company's unique proposition lies in its rich heritage, diverse experience, and strong market position, making it well positioned to thrive in the competitive construction industry.

When you are driven by a genuine passion for learning & possess the courage to persevere, you have the potential to achieve remarkable heights of success

Tell us about your leadership style and principles for leading your team effectively
Managing a construction company in India can be challenging due to the complexity of the unorganized sector and dependencies on various factors such as local situations and labor. Many big names have struggled to survive or maintain their leadership position and principles in such an environment. For me, the key to effective leadership is to empower my team by giving them responsibility and accountability for their work. Set a clear direction and encouragement to take the challenge and if needed go beyond the scripted path. Monitoring is crucial in a dynamic field like construction. I closely monitor the progress and provide guidance as needed. Motivation is essential for team performance. I use various means such as recognition, rewards, and creating a positive work environment, to keep my team motivated. Overall, my leadership approach revolves around empowering my team, setting clear boundaries, monitoring progress, motivating through various means, and leading by example.
What were your toughest challenges as a leader? How did you overcome them and what did you learn?
Early in my career, I faced challenges in marine construction cases like our Jack up platform toppling and sinking in one of our sites in the late eighties, facing a recession having a very limited job in hand with a major cash crunch situation in the mid-nineties, collapse in an area during tunnel boring work for Kolkata Metro project. Also, I had to navigate through several industrial issues and deliver challenging projects in India. These experiences taught me the importance of being proactive, adaptable, and resilient in the face of challenges, and reinforced the need for contingency planning and effective decision-making. Overall, these challenges have been valuable learning experiences that have shaped my leadership approach, equipping me with the skills and mindset needed to overcome obstacles and lead my team to success.

What are your vision for the future and the direction you are aiming to take?
My personal goal aligns with my company's vision. I am obsessed with the idea of measuring our success. Personally, I strive to maintain good health and fitness so that I can continue to lead and contribute to the growth of the company and industry. I find fulfillment in seeing positive numbers in terms of revenue, profitability, free cash, and overall company performance. Ultimately, my goal is to take this company to a level where it becomes a prominent player in the industry and sets an example for other companies in the country. This is my passion and my unwavering interest.

Given your extensive industry experience, what words of wisdom would you share with aspiring leaders in the field?
A common message that is often emphasized is the importance of hard work, as there is no alternative to it. Another key aspect is the willingness to learn and constantly improve, as what you learn today may not be enough for tomorrow. Lastly, it is crucial to overcome any fear or anxiety that may hinder your progress.

Jayanta Basu, Managing Director, ITD Cementation India
Jayanta Basu has been an incredible leader working in the construction industry and paving pathways to strong foundational buildings.

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