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 Jitendra Joshi: Helping Businesses Grow Through His Result Oriented Approach

Jitendra Joshi: Helping Businesses Grow Through His Result Oriented Approach

Jitendra Joshi ,   CEO

Jitendra Joshi


Today, e-commerce platforms play an instrumental role in society by helping both businesses as well as customers. These platforms help businesses to grow by expanding their reach and provide customers an opportunity to choose a product or service they want. After exploring the huge potential of the e-commerce market, Jitendra Joshi started working in this field in 2002, and at present, he is a startup specialist with more than two decades of leadership experience setting up digital businesses across B2C & B2B, Marketplaces, and Software Omni-channel Solutions. His journey started from Ideation to managing business at scale and he carries an In-depth understanding of various Business models & technologies. He has worked and outperformed in multiple departments such as operations, sales, marketing, and category management and as a P&L Owner, he has played an exemplary leadership and strategic role.

A graduate in Statistics from Mumbai University, Jitendra has also completed his Executive Management at Cornell University and done Digital Marketing and Analytics Certification from ISB.

Jitendra engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO insights.

Talk to us about your journey so far and what excites you to keep on going in the e-commerce space?
When I started my journey way back in 2002, my job was to educate people about the great opportunities that e-commerce is going to bring in. I have seen the paradigm shift in the e-commerce space from early adopters accepting to a generation who buys 50 percent of their requirements online. In the digital world, you have access to immense data which helps you make your solutions or product relevant to customers’ needs and that keeps you pushing yourself all the time.

Tell us about the traits that
describe your leadership approach and your method of leading the crew forward?
Being a leader, I always assess the situation and come out with an approach as per my understanding but the Participative approach to leadership is what I find the best because it increases employee motivation and satisfaction which eventually leads to a high level of productivity and creativity and helps in building a passionate team.

Keeping your mind open while listening to your customers will help you grow exponentially

Define Ambab Infotech as an organization and its position in the industry?
Looking at the position of Ambab Infotech, it will be able to provide the right kind of solutions and play an essential digital transformation journey for our customers with the help of our solid and skilled team members. After witnessing such a huge demand in the e-commerce space, we expect to grow by more than 50 percent YoY for the next few years.

How are you keeping your company aligned with the evolutions in the e-commerce market? Which are the latest technological trends that you found impactful while implementing your solutions?
E-commerce is an ever-evolving space and today everything has been moved from web to mobile and in the last few years, the expectations of customers have been increased many folds. The customers get benefitted from our mobile first approach and now we are moving towards decoupling the backend and frontend in order to provide the best possible user experience based on the screen and channel of their interaction. We are also working on an AI-based personalization service to give our customers more personalized search results.

One more big trend which is running in the market is the adoption of e-commerce and digitization in the B2B space as well and many manufacturers want all their supply chains to get digitized.

What are the factors that you consider while offering solutions to your clients?
We try to keep the solution and approach as simple as that first, we
understand the client’s business, aspirations, and fears. We make him understand where he stands in the marketplace and then show him what his competitors are doing. Based on various factors such as customers’ readiness and need for the business, we provide a customized solution approach that is a win-win situation for both.

What is the future roadmap for Ambab Infotech and which are the market opportunities you have planned to explore in the post-pandemic period?
In the future, we will continue to provide e-commerce solutions to our customers that are stable and scalable. We are also moving towards the MACH (Mobile API first Cloud Headless) framework journey that we started last year and we are hoping to continue with the usage of the latest technology. We are ensuring our team is regularly reskilled and upskilled so as to ensure that we are in sync with the evolving time or just ahead of it.

Jitendra Joshi, CEO, Ambab Infotech
A Statistics graduate from Mumbai University, Jitendra has years of working experience with World’s Biggest market places, Top Retailers, Leading SaaS solution Providers and Specialized eCommerce Solution agencies.

Road Travel, Experimenting with food, Sports(any sports)

•Favorite Cuisin:
Italian, Oriental, and Mexican.

•Favorite Book:
Ruthless Execution by Amir Hartman/The Starbuck Experience and 1984 by George Orwell

•Favorite Travel Destination:
GOA, NewYork, St. Pietersburg, and Coorg

•Awards & Recognition:
Digital Transformation Leader of the Year Tech India Transformation Awards 2021; Retail Leadership for Excellence in Retail - ASIA RETAIL CONGRESS Top 100 most influential Marketing Leader WORLD MARKETING CONGRESS

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