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    Krishna Mohan Jha: Making Digital Strategy A Cakewalk For End Consumers

Krishna Mohan Jha: Making Digital Strategy A Cakewalk For End Consumers

 Krishna Mohan Jha,   Founder & Lead Strategist

Krishna Mohan Jha

Founder & Lead Strategist

Application of digital tech & medium for communication is exponentially increasing in the world of digital first experience and widespread automation that we see taking place across board. This is where the role of digital strategy & consulting becomes of paramount importance. Although, they are often perceived as some thing only enterprise level companies would need and could afford. However, in reality, the situation is different. In a world where the digital medium touches every sphere of our lives and business, going for digital implementation without advisory is like navigating through a vast ocean without a map.

Nine Triangles is a Digital Strategy Consulting & Marketing Firm helping clients with advisory and end-to-end implementation for all of their digital communication/tech initiatives. The organization boasts a team of seasoned digital professionals, the majority of whom have spent decades working with multinational companies and agencies. The company has built digital strategy for organizations across scale & verticals and implemented them aligned with the key performance parameters. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Krishna Mohan Jha walks us through his professional journey along with the unique traits of the company.

Briefly tell us about your professional journey
After a brief stint at ICICI Bank where I began my career, I mostly remained with one company, Magnon Group (which happens to be one of the major digital agencies in the country and part of the Fortune 200 Omnicom group). Around the time I joined Magnon, it was a small organization operating out of a tin shade office in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, where we sweated day and night to create a brand that dominated the digital landscape and was eventually bought.

Donning multiple hats and spearheading mission critical roles for the organisation gave me real deal in understanding the business nuances across functions

Later, I was a founder member of Talentrack, an entertainment digital startup that is India's first and largest talent exchange network for the media and entertainment industries. I also executed India’s first awards for the digital content ecosystem which remains the most coveted accolade for individuals
involved in the digital content ecosystem to this day.

Playing different roles of what I called an intrapreneur where I held autonomous business leadership roles growing and nurturing business at different stages, I always wanted to take the plunge as an entrepreneur. And Nine Triangles happened coming from the agency side, I knew the gap areas one of the things that I had been noticing lately was that Digital has been commoditising its offering and more often than not started to follow a pattern in the name of integrated campaigns. This is where I saw an opportunity for a digital strategy consulting company which brings along implementation capabilities across digital avenues namely creative, tech and marketing that is Nine Triangles for you.

For me, the path to success has been the love for the journey itself, living through it, and being able to offer value to the ecosystem. The motto to success is simple be consistent in what you do and simply do it

You possess two decades of experience, how has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
About a career spanning two decades, I am fairly satisfied with the voyage thus far. For me, the path to success has been the love for the journey itself, living through it, and being able to offer value to the ecosystem. For me, the motto to success is simple: be consistent in what you do and simply do it. As my mentor would say through an analogy of a cricket bowler, keep bowling straight and quick and you will get the wicket. So, once again, the simple credo is to be consistent and patient while keeping an eye on the goal. One will have everything you set out to have.

Define Nine Triangles Digital as an organization and its current market position. What makes the company unique?
Nine Triangles Digital is one of the most trusted digital strategy consulting companies which brings along implementation capabilities across digital avenues namely creative, tech and marketing. So whether one is planning a new digital initiative or has an existing initiative, we bring about comprehensive 360 degree capabilities to ensure execution through, planning, building, propagation, sustenance stages, and mapping the outcome with KPIs. From the onset, we clicked well with our clients and as a result in a short span of time, we have had the opportunity to work clients across verticals and scales ICICI Bank, ICICI Lombard, Sharekhan, Treehouse Hotels, Adda 52, DSP
Mutual Fund, Newgen Software Tranzlease, Arihant Publication, Finlabs, Smile Circle, India Bridal Fashion Week Stores to name a few. To deepen our positioning, we have been actively participating in knowledge leadership sessions. As a result, we have been featured across leading publications including the likes of Economic Times, Business World, AFAQS, and more, and have conducted live sessions at Msd Pharma, Assocham, Specialty Restaurants and others.

Could you give a brief account on the latest technologies adopted by your company that helps derive effective business outcomes?
In an ultra dynamic technology environment in the digital realm, one must stay up with the latest, and we are no exception. Nonetheless, the crux of the matter is designing the tech plan that suits insights/realities around customers' businesses to achieve effective business outcomes.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?
When it comes to team leadership, the only strategy and approach I use is participation-based leadership. I believe in complete openness and giving the team as much exposure as possible while also supporting them at all times. Through this process, I enable them to make mistakes guide them through the journey, and let them have the credit.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
Digital domain in general has become a crowded space, therefore attempting to differentiate yourself. And, by that I don't mean you have to come up with a copyrighted technology/process/plan. What I mean is that one must have something that distinguishes you from the competition. It could be any feature of your business or service, but it must give value to the ecosystem. And once you get started,stay committed and consistent, and you will never go wrong.

Krishna Mohan Jha, Founder & Lead Strategist, Nine Triangles Digital
A marketing, technology & communication strategy expert with an affinity for all things digital, Krishna Mohan Jha has led cross functional teams & cross organizational communication while spearheading digital initiatives for clients ranging from startup to Fortune 500 multi nationals.

.Favorite cuisine: Oriental
.Favorite book: An autobiography of a Yogi
.Favorite Travel Destination:Goa
.Hobbies:work, reading and content junking

.Awards & Recognition:
Kalam Ke Sipahi Samman 2021

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