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 Mohaajit Accharya: Blending Industry Knowledge With Technology To Meet Clients' Challenges

Mohaajit Accharya: Blending Industry Knowledge With Technology To Meet Clients' Challenges

 Mohaajit Accharya,  Founder & CEO

Mohaajit Accharya

Founder & CEO

Today, digital technologies and the massive usage of the internet has created various opportunities for businesses and startups to grow. Cashing on this opportunity,Mohaajit Accharya successfully established his own technology consulting venture Flexile, a firm that helps businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. A newage startup, Flexile assists enterprises in implementing and scaling agility in the simplest manner possible to the enterprise level by providing curated and end-to-end services under one roof.

Having completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, Mohaajit Accharya started his professional career as a software engineer at Infosys and went on to manage projects and programs within many Fortune 500 companies, before becoming Head of Learning Services at World's largest Telecom OEM Company. Mohaajit Accharya later transitioned to a Product Development company, which is into Accounting Software and ERP, having more than 80 percent market share in the MSME segment in India and GCC countries, as Head of Program Management and then he served as Head of Program Management & Agile Champion for a UK based FinTech Company. After gaining experience from the stalwarts in the IT Industry, Mohaajit Accharya founded his own company Flexile. His thirst for knowledge and hard work have brought various laurels to the organizations he worked with. We recently engaged with Mohaajit Accharya to know more about his successful entrepreneurial journey, let’s hear from him.

Tell us about your leadership approach and what has been your success mantra so far in your journey.
Leadership is as much about creating an enabling environment and engaging with employees on a personal level as it is about driving success and productivity. My leadership approach has been very simple where I enable and empower people in unleashing their strengths and true potential through a variety of opportunities. Confidence and assertiveness are something that I get to experience as intangible outcomes in people.

Trying and taking the first step to accomplish any target is my success mantra and I believe that with hard work and by dedicating ourselves, we can achieve anything we want. Often, we look too far ahead and only see how far away we are. Instead, we should try and just take that first step. Apart from
that, positive affirmations like I Am Capable, I Am Strong, I Believe in Myself bring me to think about all the good things about myself and allow me to block all that negativity out so I can focus on being the best me every day of my life.

Grabbing every opportunity helps in unleashing the true potential

Define Flexile as an organization and its position in the market.
We pride ourselves to be one of the first organizations to offer curated, boutique, and end-to-end solutions for agile transformation, adoption, and scaling needs of enterprises, right from training & orientation to customized software implementation and establishing the Agile CoE.

The unique problem that Flexile is trying to solve is to provide a one-stop-shop solution for the enterprises in their agile adoption journey which often gets diluted due to the distributed nature of implementing agile through multiple partners in a piecemeal manner. Flexile brings together everything that is required for an enterprise to become flexibly agile under one roof to ensure higher adoption and thereby improved RoI. Moreover, Flexile takes a holistic approach by setting up an Agile Centre of Excellence which supports both Business and IT and operates as an integrated set of services necessary to support the adoption and continuous improvement of a value-driven product or service delivery leveraging the Agile operating model and delivery methodology.

What are the factors you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies? What are the best industry practices you bring into the company?
We are an early-stage startup, and we appreciate the need for a solid growth plan. We are committed to putting our focus primarily on a unique value proposition, a clearly defined target market, and an outline of the right KPIs, smart hiring systems, competitor analyses, and careful financial planning.

Flexile's sole objective is to improve agile adoption through its customized and tailor-made agile methodologies supported by industry-leading tools. We aim to create an agile mindset across the organization and help address key challenges while prioritizing through a centralized governance framework for standardized and predictable delivery leading to improved adoption.

What is your anticipation regarding the future changes in the market and how do you plan to help the company invest its time in moving forward?
Organizations are gradually inclined more towards digital adoption platforms as the right replacement of value-added services for addressing the challenges like ineffective onboarding & training, lack of support, context switching, resistance to change, lack of a
single source of truth, and lack of attention. By 2025 70 percent of organizations will use digital adoption solutions across the entire technology stack to overcome still insufficient application user experience. Global Digital Adoption Platform Software Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5 percent by 2027 and Digital Adoption TAM stands at $34 Billion. The drivers that would propel the growth of the organization are boosting employees’ skills, maximizing software utilization, and increasing the ROI of software investments.

Flexile is on a mission to build a SaaS-based Agile Adoption Platform (AAP)by leveraging technology to improve the Agile adoption rate by eliminating the friction to scale. An Agile Adoption Platform is a type of digital solution that integrates fully with software applications. The software walks users through different parts of the application, offering step-by-step instructions to help them complete specific tasks.

Where do you see yourself headed in the upcoming years in your career path?
I am quite optimistic and upbeat about Flexile's future. After a few small engagements based out of Bangalore, we cracked a mega deal with one of the leading brands in the Power & Energy sector major in India to assist them in their Agile Transformation journey for Software development projects undertaken by their IT Division. It was an excellent opportunity for Flexile to validate each of its use cases over a period of more than a year and we have received excellent feedback.

As a short term goal, we are focusing of signing up with a few more prospects in terms of customer acquisitions. We would also be growing in terms of manpower and creating a presence for the brand Flexile as a one-stop-shop solution for Agile Adoption & Transformation. In near term, we are committed on developing a SaaS- based Agile Adoption Platform (AAP) for the target market which we believe will revolutionize the way Agile is being implemented and adopted presently by enterprises in their transformation journeys.

Mohaajit Accharya, Founder & CEO, FLEXILE
An agile enthusiast, business enabler, entrepreneur, and CEO of Flexile Software Services, Mohaajit Accharya has been successful in championing agile implementation in several organizations. His passion is helping businesses by creating engaging and enriching experiences in their agile journey by unlocking the agility of the enterprise and digitizing the processes.

Quick facts:
•Hobbies: Painting, Tutoring (Maths, Physics & Chemistry),and keeping myself updated on Geopolitics
•Favorite Cuisine: Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian Bengali Cuisines
•Favorite Books: Crime, Mystery, and Detective Fiction
•Favorite Travel Destination: Offbeat and unexplored locations along the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain ranges

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