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 Navin Gautham: Efficiently Recruiting Talented Workforce

Navin Gautham: Efficiently Recruiting Talented Workforce

  Navin Gautham,   Country Manager & Director

Navin Gautham

Country Manager & Director

Organizations require recruitment and staffing processes to find qualified individuals who can increase productivity and help the company develop. Navin Gautham is involved in providing recruitment solutions for his clients through Acara Solutions, which includes reaching out to candidates and selecting the finest for the organisation.

Navin began his career as a Java programmer and also spent time working on military warcraft. He became a recruiter as a result of his diverse work experience and is now assisting others in their professional development. Navin engages in an interactive session with CEO Insights.

Tell us about your professional background and experiences. What has been your success mantra that has helped you maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional life?
I worked in the sector of electronics and communications, and my overall experience is 22 years.I started as a Java programmer on a variety of platforms. Then I moved to electronics because I was more interested in electronics at the time and felt as though I needed to prove myself in what I was learning. Then for a brief time I worked on today's military aircraft and tankers developing,studying, and designing fire protection systems and then I worked at a call centre performing telemarketing. That's when, based on my prior experience, I got an opportunity with this organisation. They hired me as a recruiter in 2005, and that's when my journey in the HR world began.

Many individuals choose to work from home, even during the lockdown, but I am the polar opposite. I have always preferred working from the office. Weekends are focused on family time which
I've always made a point to prioritise. It is advisable to separate both work and family life rather than mixing the two, as this causes a lot of stress in my experience.

It's all about the idea that you treat your client, the same way you treat your self

What is your role in Acara Solutions India? What are the important lessons you have acquired along the way in staffing and recruiting the domain?
In terms of current solutions in India, I handle Aleron Group’s entire operations here in India, and we have offices in Chennai and Bangalore, with roughly 180 workers working in these two branches combined, and Chennai serves as our Indian headquarters. In terms of Acara Solutions India(an Aleron company),we've experienced several phases over the previous two decades or so, with the company growing from as many as 23 workers to now 180. This refers to Acara Solutions' high-quality work for its clients and end-users. Today, we are one of the top leaders in the recruiting market, solely due to our high touch, consultative approach and high performing candidates our team has been able to produce, as well as our ability to comprehend our customers'clear requisitions or criteria pain points and time tables.

What are the unique propositions provided by Acara Solutions to its clients? What kind of latest technology you have deployed in Acara Solutions and how it is impacting the service provided by your firm?
Acara focuses on building sound relationships with our clients, listening to their demands, being attentive, and providing realistic expectations and a clear vision of their evolving needs. Since both parties have requirements and deadlines to meet, we like to have a clear discussion and explain the resources we have at our disposal and how we can find candidates who will bring value to their organisation. If both groups are on the same page and in sync, and we understand each other, only then will we be able to successfully put our experience to work. So, I believe it is more about listening and understanding a customer's entire
strategy that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Tools like job boards and social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are growing more prevalent in the world of recruiting. And that's just the first stage in the hiring process any recruitment firm, or even a company, will have a job board account. We've upgraded our technology and employ the same applicant tracking system for our personnel, recruiters, and sources that our global organisations utilise.

What kind of changes will the staffing and recruitment market undergo and what are the opportunities you foresee?
Many companies are now offering remote and hybrid working choices and that is becoming the standard. Remote working has forced us to make more technological and operational changes. The benefits of this shift, in my opinion, are that we can now hire anyone from anywhere, and this is not limited to our industry. Today, every organisation has made considerable technical investments to ensure that they can measure their remote employees' productivity and effectiveness.

What kind of advice you would like to give to the young entrepreneurs who are stepping into this field?
Anyone can start a recruiting firm it's all about the relationships and connections they have. What sets Acara apart from the competition is the consistency with which we can deliver to a client's needs. That is the key to success.

Navin Gautham, Country Manager & Director, Acara Solutions
With an experience of 19 years in the domain of staffing and recruiting, Navin as the Country Manager is recruiting high value employees for his clients.

Hobbies: Playing Cricket, cycling and travelling
Favourite Cuisine: Indianized Chinese food
Favourite Travel Destination:

Awards and Recognitions:
Awarded as a Gladiator(Telemarketing)

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