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 Sarika Singh: Creative Writer & Brand Transformation Leader

Sarika Singh: Creative Writer & Brand Transformation Leader

Sarika Singh, COO-Dhampur Green Founder & Director-Myriad Resources

Sarika Singh

COO-Dhampur Green Founder & Director-Myriad Resources

Meaningful storytelling runs seamlessly through social media, packaging, promotional campaigns, customer responses, newsletters, or memes. Even anecdotes that are passed around, liked, shared, commented upon, and reshared, initiate connections with all those who pass through the chain and begin to relate to it, owning parts of it, bit-by-bit. With pragmatic understanding of story fundamentals (character, trajectory, hook, authenticity and call-to-action) producing convincing customized communication for multiple platforms and audiences. However, to create a compelling narrative to which customers can relate, a brand needs a writer with a keen sense of storytelling skills. This is when most firms work with Sarika Singh, a talented content strategist with a genuine passion for storytelling. She communicates your brand story as it evolves, making your story everyone else’s.

Sarika Singh is a Brand Storyteller, an Ace Wordsmith, a Business Transformation Leader, a Communication Specialist & a Food Industry Veteran. This authorpoet conducts Creative Writing & Presentation Skill workshops, globally.

Below is an excerpt of Sarika’s exclusive interaction with CEOInsights magazine

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur in the first place?
Creative people, more than often, have a mind of their own and blossom well when given the freedom to work. Fortunately for me, over the course of my 26+ years of versatile cross cultural experience, I have worked freely and closely with multi faceted teams on multi dimensional and multi variable projects, building communication strategies, consumer markets, businesses, products, alliances, and resources both human and otherwise. I have developed strong management, operations, HR, execution, project management,
writing, communication, negotiation, team building, partnership strategic visioning and interpersonal skills.

The combination of all these elements motivated me to set up my creative resource firm called Myriad Resources. The brand which I co-conceived and nurtured, namely Dhampur Green, is my baby that I’m really proud of. It is sweetening the lives of teeming millions of households in and outside India, becoming their healthy dose of addiction. Following footsteps of my fore thoughts, the brand finds way into people’s hearts and then makes home there.

Dhampur Green has made jaggery a staple in every kitchen, every home, every dining table

Define Dhampur Green as an organization. What makes the company unique from the other competitors?
Dhampur Green is a farmerled enterprise that gives traditional nostalgic foods a contemporary make-over, making you ‘Own Your Health’. Offering sustainable farming products made from sugarcane grown without the use of any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides it offers minimally processed foods without adding any chemicals, preservatives or additives at any stage of processing or packaging. Resorting to healthful processing such as roasting or baking, as against deep frying or refining, most products retain the natural nutrition and goodness. At the core of each product, sits the farmer’s interest, so it’s essentially a soil to soul initiative.

Dhampur Green has made jaggery, aka gur, a mainstream product and one that made way to almost every household in India. Its jaggery based nutrient dense snacks, cookies, jams, mithais, cereals, ready-to-eat mixes, desserts, chocolate spreads, and mouth fresheners, help improve immunity, much needed in these exceptional times. Dhampur Green brings you close to your health and wellness goals, sweetly! And yes, Dhampur Green has no competition. Mimics are only flattery, not competition- right?

Tell us about Myriad Resources. How do you plan to apply your exceptional understanding of the domain to this company and take it to the nextlevel?
Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool that can help any company get its message out there. Everything from social media, merchandising, marketing collaterals, customer feedback and newsletters revolves around storytelling content. When people exchange tales they become part of a chain that connects them and gives them a sense of ownership over its pieces. When a customer buys a product, he is also buying a part of the brand’s story.

As your brand narrative evolves, Myriad Resources crafts persuasive messages for a variety of media and target audiences. All of Myriad Resources' content-related services, from blog writing to advertising copy, packaging to website content, slogans to social media engagements and interactive SEO-friendly communication content campaigns and publications, are part of my role and responsibilities as the Founder. At Myriad, crafting captivating brand narratives to help in the creation of brand layout, positioning, and strategies, is an expertise.

You possess three decades of experience, according to you what are your strengths. Also, what is your success mantra?
I’ve had the privilege of working through all rungs of the ladder and this has built in me a wide-range of transferable skills. I’ve penned thought provoking leadership material for companies, CEOs, developed e-Books, features, blue books, quirky slogans and tag lines that talk to Gen X, meaningful campaign content for ads and promotions for launching and marketing new products and services.

Whether it's for an event, blog, souvenir, product launch, humanitarian initiative, or noteworthy issue, I portray companies in a favorable light by writing media releases or interesting customer tales employing SEO-specific relevant keywords and hashtags with the best click through potential. So, coming back to your question, my strength is communication. And communication, I feel, is parked at the heart of every successful brand. Success mantra-well, just work from your heart!

Sarika Singh, COO, Dhampur Green
Sarika, an MBA in Marketing, has a degree in Business English from the University of Cambridge. Currently, she is the Founder Director at Myriad Resources and COO at Dhampur Green.

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