Tushar Batham: Acknowledged For His Benevolent Attitude Of Working Towards The Greater Good Of Society | CEOInsights Vendor
 Tushar Batham: Acknowledged For His Benevolent Attitude Of Working Towards The Greater Good Of Society

Tushar Batham: Acknowledged For His Benevolent Attitude Of Working Towards The Greater Good Of Society

Tushar Batham,      CTO

Tushar Batham


we have seldom seen a corporate leader talking about working towards the betterment of society. “What motivates me the most is the impact my work can make on society and the way I can work for the greater good of society. That’s what made me choose mechanics as my key domain and later computational fluid dynamics as my specialization because I can see the tangible form of my work in the society", quotes Tushar Batham(CTO, Chakr Innovation), who believes in pushing his limits further to carve impeccable results. Passionate about physics since an early age, Tushar has always been interested in venturing into the mechanical and its allied segments. After joining Chakr Innovation as an R&D Director, Tushar is presently working as the CTO of the organization and holds a prolific track record in his 15+ years of professional voyage so far. He has grown to become the CTO for Chakr Innovation and his benevolent attitude of serving humanity for numerous dignified objectives keeps him driving as a successful industry leader.

Tushar engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Define Chakr Innovation as an organization and its current position in the industry.
Chakr Innovation is one of the leading cleantech startups in India. Chakr aims to come up with the innovation that can make a positive change in the environment and craft a scalable solution while reducing the overall carbon footprints and solving for climate change. With innovation as our core strength, every member of our team is known for thinking out of the box and coming up with practical solutions. Equipped with more than 80 professionals now our team filed 10 patents in India and PCT countries in 2021 alone. Functioning across the DG retrofit segment at present,
we are currently considered as the
leading DG retrofit provider in the country. We are helping our country to realize our Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of becoming a carbon neutral country. Envisioning to be the world's best cleantech company, we are currently working on such game changing technologies that will make this planet a better place to live.

Envisioning to be the world's best cleantech company we are currently working on such game changing technologies that will make this world a better place to live

What kind of impact have you been making as the CTO of the company? Tell us few unique leadership traits of yours.
I see myself as the technology and innovation enabler for my team. As the CTO, I monitor all the technologies my company is currently involved in. I think most of the work is done by my team, and I just make sure that I guide them to be on track, provide them with the bigger picture. When ever they face bottlenecks, I help them overcome the same. I like to believe in my team and as a team leader, I try to find the unique qualities of each individual and put them in a way to complement each other to empower the complete organization.

What is the success mantra that helps you overcome the challenges?
I always like to look at the bigger picture. A critical aspect which most people generally miss is that even if they know the ultimate objective, they stick to a single approach once finalized. However, when you are working on world changing problems you need to adapt as you work towards the goal since, mostly you are entering road less travelled.So, remaining fixated on the bigger picture I constantly align my approach to identify best route to the goal. This not only helps me achieve the final goal but also achieve it efficiently.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?
The pandemic took everyone by surprise. It challenged every one of us in terms of resource availability
and also made us rethink the idea of sustainability. Being a startup, we had to face much bigger problems compared to the well settled companies having deep pockets. Still during the COVID, we refused to be a bystander as we wanted to do something for our country and help our frontline workers in this fight against COVID by helping them safely reuse N95 masks. So, we take took up the challenge and within three months we created a world class technology that underwent and passed around 20+ tests by ICMR-NIV, Pune(one of the most prestigious Institute of CSIR, spear heading work in COVID area). Over coming all the adversities, our team showed the innovation and resilience to come up with a technology which is being used by premier hospitals across our country and is being evaluated by FDA for EUAapproval.

Based on your strong professional experience, what advice would you give to the upcoming leaders in the industry?
If you want to be a successful leader with a sustainable team, you need to be inclusive, rationally driven, and open to everyone's suggestions to make your team more efficient and work in an organized manner. As a leader, you should invest in your people and empower them so that they can excel in their area. A lot of times leaders fail to believe in their team members and as a result of which, they refrain from investing in them or empowering them. I think the secret to success of a leader lies in the success of their team members.

Tushar Batham,CTO, Chakr Innovation
After completing his B.Tech from Mumbai University Tushar joined Mahindra Navistar and specifically worked on the projects related to computational fluid dynamics for almost four years. He then went ahead to have his Master’s degree in heat power and continued his professional journey with Cummins Tushar worked on the turbo chargers where he also completed his executive MBA from SP Jain Mumbai and while leaving the company after 10 years for Chakr Innovation, he was leading their India Advanced Engineering vertical.

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