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Aashish Vaishnava: Blending Passion & Profession To Add Value

Aashish Vaishnava: Blending Passion & Profession To Add Value

Aashish Vaishnava,    CEO Principal Designer, Golf Course Architect, Master Planner, Investor, Chief Advisor & Mentor

Aashish Vaishnava

CEO Principal Designer, Golf Course Architect, Master Planner, Investor, Chief Advisor & Mentor

From being a passionate Golfer to an emerging investor having a knack for designing & developing Golf-centric real estate properties, Aashish Vaishnava is playing every stroke at par. After his father introduced him to Golf, he fell in love with the sport which taught him some of life's important lessons and made him explore more possibilities in the field of Golf as a successful Entrepreneur. Aashish started his entrepreneurial journey in 2004 with AV GOLF DESIGN which is a full service Golf Course Design & Architecture firm focused to design memorable & enjoy able Golf Courses in India. While designing Golf Courses for various Real Estate Groups, he got the opportunity to work closely with the owners & promoters who envisaged the hidden talent of Aashish while he was advising them on various aspects of Real Estate Development for the overall success of their projects. They started consulting Aashish with some promising opportunities to plan and design beyond Golf for their projects, which became the genesis of AV GROUP INTERNATIONAL.

Aashish recently engaged in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine. The following is an excerpt from Aashish’s conversation with CEO Insights.

Define AV GROUP INTERNATIONAL as an organization and its current presence in the market. Reflect on some of the noteworthy alliances you have been nurturing at present.
AV GROUP INTERNATIONAL is one of the most trustworthy & reputed Design & Development firms focused in the field of Lifestyle Real Estate Planning & Architecture, Golf Course Architecture, Resort Design, Landscape Design, Sports & Tourism Infrastructure Development. We work in alliance with International Design Group (UK) under the leadership of Bob Hunt, who is a World Renowned Golf Course Architect, Master planner & Chairman of IDG. IDG brings in the International Exposure & Professional Expertise to India through our partnership, popularly known as as 'AV/IDG'. We get involved from the initial stages of the project; starting with site evaluation, feasibility and Project Conceptualization for which a team of World Class experts pay attention to every detail making certain of the overall commercial viability and sustain ability of the Development venture, ensuring peace of mind to our partners and investors.

We are proud to say that AV/IDG is one of the most exciting partnerships in the Real Estate Industry today.

Reflect on some of the major factors you take into consideration while leveraging reliable, highquality and cost effective services under Golfcentric Real Estate Design & Development?
For every project we are able to utilise our architectural and master planning expertise to plan a perfect marriage between the Golf Course and surrounding realestate. Any Golf Centric Development has two separate mindsets. The first is to maximise the value of any realestate around the course in
order to fund the construction of the course. The second is to create a truly excellent golf course. We aim to do both. The advantages a golf course can bring to a development are almost endless.

We find & exploit that unique selling point whilst returning maximum Return on Investment for the surrounding development as well as providing a family friendly lifestyle amenity. The design team is led by me & my business partner Jon Hunt as we both have been planning various Golf Centric Developments throughout the world from the last 18 years with a string of awards and commendations to our names. We are a strong coherent team with international experience and expertise to create value for any Real Estate development.

Always keep the end in mind while beginning

Could you briefly describe the projects you are most proud of and why?
For us each and every project is special, however some projects can be considered milestones of our illustrative journey so far. One of them is Prestige Golfshire Club in Bangalore designed by Bob Hunt and is currently considered the best Golf Course in India.

Currently, my business partner Jon Hunt & I are investing our time in more than 25 projects in the country of different stature ranging from 5 Acres to 1200 Acres.

We are excited to plan & Design 200 Acres Golf Centric Township in Ahmedabad for Pavan Bakeri called The Sylvan Golf & Country Homes(A Sustain able Commune By Bakeri). Planned to provide an abode in the lap of nature which is not too far from the city, the ecofriendly & sustainable design philosophy will make this project one of the most sought after communities in Gujarat.

We are the Design & Development partners with a Golf Resort & Township in Chennai for Ilayaraja Kumarasamy promoter of Arka Grand Realty, which will be one of its kind development having facilities like a golf course, golf driving range, club house, luxury cottages, banquet & conference halls, exhibition arenas, ATV tracks, ranch, horse riding track, RV parking, lakes, highend luxury villas, camping sites, animal petting zoo & many more facilities to make it a family friendly destination.

Jon & I are also redesigning & upgrading one of the existing golf courses to international standards for one of the leading & most prestigious business conglomerates in the country.

Apart from working with various reputed real estate developers in India like ATS, Central Park, Sushma, Pooja Crafted Homes, Rise, The Hemisphere, Ace Group, Max Group & many more, we are developing projects in Belize, Cape Verde, Georgia, Ghana, Bangladesh, UAE, UK etc.

What are the future market opportunities that you look forward to investing your time to reach your goals?
I foresee a lot of Golf Centric Townships, SOHO, Retirement Homes, Ranches, Sports Villages, Farm Living, Wellness Retreats, Beach to Mountain Second Homes coming up in the future. Apart from all this, I want to add value in the
tourism infrastructure domain where I see a lot of improvement is required. India has the potential to become the best tourism destination in the world but it needs proper planning and we have to look at it as a good revenue generating option that can be reinvested for overall enhancement and ultimately contributing to the Indian economy in a big way.

What has kept you going for 18 years and more in this industry?
It has been a long journey but I enjoyed every step of it. Working with the leaders in the industry gave me a lot of exposure and I have learnt a lot during this time. I think the diversity in the Real Estate Industry where no two projects are the same has given me new opportunities to learn & implement my skills in this dynamic industry. I love mother earth and getting opportunities to work closely with nature is an honor for me.

What would be your advice to entre preneurs who are starting anew in the real estate industry?
Real Estate is huge and it has something for everyone. So irrespective which domain you choose within the Real Estate, I would like to advice entrepreneurs the following point:
•Believe in yourself
•Find a niche within the industry
•Be focused
•Keep your overheads low
•Don't leave your day Job until you are able to make more than what your job is paying you.
•Build your network
•Educate your customers
•Be honest
•Take one step at a time, it's not what you can achieve in a day, it's what you do day by day consistently over the years
•Last but not the least enjoy the journey!

Aashish Vaishnava, CEO Principal Designer, Golf Course Architect,Master Planner, Investor, Chief Advisor & Mentor - AV GROUP INTERNATIONAL
Born in the lap of Kashmir's Mystical Himalayas & in the family of Vaishnavites from the Holy Himalayan Hills of Uttara khand, Aashish feels blessed to be raised with such a diverse exposure to multi dimensional social, spiritual & religious heritage which made him interested in the fields design, architecture, philosophy, psychology, art & mysticism at an early age. An alumnus of Delhi University, IIM-Kozhikode, IIM Calcutta, Aashish considers Golf as one of his Gurus to make him realize the deeper values while playing the game of life.

Hobbies:Golf, Meditation, Writing, Singing, Photography & Sketching
Favorite Cuisine:Asian
Favorite Book:MBA Meaning of Being Alive (Authored by Aashish himself)
Favorite Travel Destination:
US & Australia

Awards & Recognition:
•Certified Professional in Golf Course Design & Turf Management
•The Golf Management Institute Of Canada
•Council Member of GLG
•Accredited Member of Associations of MBA’s
•Mentor for Various Entrepreneurial & Business Forums
•Speaker in various Golf & Business Conferences & Seminars
•Columnist in various Golf & Business Magazines & Newspapers
•Featured by more than 50 Media Houses
•Awarded as the Best Golf Designer & Architect in India

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