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Abhinav Jain: A Visionary Leader Transforming the Landscape of Global Used Construction Equipment Exports

Abhinav Jain: A Visionary Leader Transforming the Landscape of Global Used Construction Equipment Exports

 Abhinav Jain,  Director

Abhinav Jain


The Heavy Construction Equipment market stands as a vibrant industry vital to infrastructure development across the globe. Pioneering this ever-expanding industry is Abhinav Jain, Director of Jinkushal Industries. Armed with a sterling educational background and a fervor for Mechanical Engineering, Abhinav has played a crucial role in elevating the industry. Jinkushal Industries, under his astute leadership, has emerged as an essential player, providing top-notch construction equipment to a global audience. Abhinav brings more than eight years of experience in sealing high-stakes transactions across various international markets such as North America, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. His relentless determination, steadfast resolve, and nuanced understanding of the industry reinforce the sector, confirming him as a game-changer in the global heavy machinery arena. Uncover more about this industry luminary through the intriguing interview snippets that follow.

Can you provide a brief summary of your professional background and experiences? What inspires you to follow your daily routines?
I was born on June 23, 1993, in the bustling city of Raipur, situated in the state of Chhattisgarh. There, I was nurtured in a strong Marwadi Jain family. My educational journey began at the distinguished Rajkumar College in Raipur, an institution steeped in a history that spans over 140 years. Beyond a rigorous academic curriculum, the schooling experience cultivated my skills in communication, interpersonal relations, and a myriad of extracurricular activities a comprehensive upbringing that has been a cornerstone in my professional life.

Subsequent to my foundational education, my passion for machines led me to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed Vellore Institute of Technology. During this transformative period, I had the distinct privilege of not only being part of but also leading the Baja SAE Racing Team. This involvement was not merely extracurricular; it was an education in itself. It imparted to me vital skills in team leadership, problem-solving, strategic planning, and even a nuanced understanding of global business. These formative years instilled in me a work ethic so potent that to this day, I comfortably commit to strenuous 12-15 hour workdays without a second thought.

After completing my engineering degree in 2015, I jumped self into
the family business, assuming the reins of a freshly inaugurated Rice Milling plant, which my father had set up, especially for me. While Rice Milling and Trading was rewarding, my intrinsic fascination with Mechanical Engineering was something that always pulled me toward a field of business closely associated with it. Sensing this, my father always encouraged me to explore opportunities that were in alignment with what I really was interested in.

Today’s work should be done today!

In 2017 during an overseas business tour, I was presented with an opportunity and a crucial decision to make: Should I continue in the Rice Export business with a large volume order or pivot to a less voluminous but closer to heart Machines Export venture? With my father's full support, I chose Machines Exports and we hence never looked back. The choice was transformative, serving as the catalyst for a phase of aggressive global expansion, and was in perfect sync with our ambition now to establish ourselves as Leaders in the global construction machine trading industry.

Bolstered by the unwavering support of my father, Anil Jain, our machines export vertical started from ground zero in 2017, fast forward to today, Jinkushal Industries is a distinguished 3 Star Export House, our products reaching clients in 35 countries across six continents. My extensive experiences and the variety of skill sets I've acquired over the years be it the negotiation techniques perfected during my stint in the family business, the problem-solving mindset nurtured by my father, or the technical acumen developed through my academic journey and Baja SAE involvement are the pillars that support my leadership today.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences VIT offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
VIT's 200-acre campus was more than just an academic hub; it was a hotspot of diverse experiences and with students from across the country and other countries too. The place was equipped with cutting-edge workshops and facilities. This hands-on environment, coupled with qualified professors, fostered a holistic development in me. I even had the honour of showcasing our college’s prowess on international stages while participating in the SAE Baja competition, and more. It wasn't just about textbooks it was about building projects, leading teams, and understanding global business dynamics through these projects.

Can you describe the unique leadership traits you possess and the methods you employ to lead your team?
Discipline and efficiency aren't just words for me they're the bedrock of our operations. From leveraging
state-of-the-art technologies to time optimization, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring productivity. One of our guiding principles is to act promptly, using the learnings from our past to pivot and adapt when necessary. In fact, the inception of our construction machine trading division was the result of such agility. By sticking to these core values, we've carved a distinct identity in our field.

How does your organization defend its position in crucial industries and stand out from competitors?
Leading the pack in a niche market like ours is no easy feat. Especially in an industry where refurbishing used machines to meet international benchmarks is almost an art form. Having an academic background in Mechanical Engineering uniquely positions us to maintain our market lead, even with competitors breathing down our necks. We're not just domestic players we've gone global, exporting to a multitude of countries. Our strategy is straight forward keep innovating and expanding, aiming to be India's go-to export house in our sector.

What are your future plans for both yourself and the company over the next five years?
For Jinkushal Industries, the vision is clear: We want to be the largest Trader and Export house from India in our field and expand our operations across Asia, America, Australia, and Europe. We are keen on establishing a significant presence in each of these continents. On a personal note,while I've been instrumental in growing the company, my aim for the next five years is to achieve a healthier work-life balance. I plan to cultivate leadership qualities not just in myself but also among my team members, empowering them to contribute more effectively to the company's large-scale expansion.

What advice would you give to aspiring industry leaders, considering your position as a leader in the field?
My advice to future leaders would be to keep your operations tight and efficient. Stay updated with the latest in technology, because that's going to give you an edge. When it comes to hiring, you should go for the best talent your budget allows; quality always pays off in the long run. Aiming for stable, long-term growth is a strategy that has worked well for us.

Abhinav Jain, Director, Jinkushal Industries
Abhinav Jain is an enterprising entrepreneur, with a strong educational background and valuable international business experience. His passion for Mechanical Engineering led him to trade construction machines, where he achieved remarkable success.

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