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Abhinaya Goenka: A Visionary Leader Striving To Bring Innovation In The Indian Medical Spaces

Abhinaya Goenka: A Visionary Leader Striving To Bring Innovation In The Indian Medical Spaces

Abhinaya Goenka,     Director

Abhinaya Goenka


Business leaders across the globe set examples through innovations or attaining certain goals by giving way to their extraordinary visions. Abhinaya Goenka, Director of R B Diagnostics, is no exception here. Being the youngest member of the board, Abhinaya is mentored by other board members, Gopal Agarwal & Deepak Agarwal.

He too has the vision to establish R B DIAGNOSTIC as an active diagnostic service provider by building techsavvy diagnostic centers across the city of Kolkata where medical setup lags far behind in comparison to other metropolitans.

Under the supervision of its promoters, Dr. J P Agarwal and Kamal Goenka, R B DIAGNOSTIC started its journey from just 1 pharmacy to a chain of 13 NABL accredited diagnostic centers across the city. Now the brand also has one branch in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In his latest interview with CEO Insights, Abhinaya Goenka tells us about the various aspects that he has experienced as a leader.

Why have you chosen the diagnostic domain to build your career? Give us a brief about the team whose contribution has helped RB Diagnostic to reach greater heights.
After completing my education from Bangalore, I had returned to Kolkata in the year 2010. Then I was looking for an opportunity in different fields. Dr J P Agarwal who is a renowned physician and my father’s good friend, approached us with this idea of opening a diagnostic center. We knew the problem of the industry and the nonexistence of a quality medical diagnosis service provider in this part of the country. Having the same vision “to serve the society with the best medical help” R B Diagnostic was established.

At R B Diagnostic, I along with other directors and key employees thrive in making the services more accurate, precise, affordable and available for masses. RB DIAGNOSTIC is most cost effective NABL accredited medical diagnostic service provider in the city.

Kolkata is still among the least preferred city for medical needs. My target is to change the mindset of the patients by joining hands with best doctors of the country. I want to upgrade Kolkata with the right
service through R B DIAGNOSTIC and also want people from the eastern region or neighbourhood countries like Nepal, Bangladesh,Burma and more to come to Kolkata for treatment.

A good brand providing best in class service and having delighted customers, is created not by its leader, but by having a good team. Our key team members have put their immense knowledge and sweat, which helped us to reach where we are today. Some of the key members of RB’s team are Vinod Jain (GM), Sudip Adak (Senior Report Transcriptionist), Susam Ghatak(IT Head) and Amresh Singh (Marketing Manager).

R B Diagnostic is a place where patient’s health meets priority

What makes your company different from other competitors in the market? Give us a brief idea about its uniqueness.
“Highest quality report at least possible time” makes RB unique in the industry.

The backbone of RB is its IT, which has evolved over the time. Our ERP “LABEXPERT” is home grown and now one of the best software providing automated solution to most of our day-to-day activity.

We have developed an art of delivering e-reports to our patients along with their doctors. The reports are sent through email, Whatsapp, available on our mobile app and can also be downloaded from our website. The patients can also clear their outstanding dues through these platforms.

Graphical representation of the reports is also a unique feature, available with us. A patient’s previous reports are plotted on a graph. This helps them with a pictorial representation of their parameters.

Currently RB is trying to develop a platform which will ensure not more than 30 minutes wait time of each patient visiting us irrespective of doctor’s consultation or diagnostic procedure.

What changes or innovations have you seen in the diagnostic domain in recent times? How technological evolution has impacted the market of diagnostic centres?
Technology is an integral part of the medical industry, which is growing very rapidly. R B DIAGNOSTIC has evolved as per the change in the demands of its patients.

In today’s time, patients want ease of diagnosis. They look at getting all the services under one roof. At RB we try to fulfill all our patient's needs. With the help of our well built infrastructure, these services are 30 percent economical in comparison to other NABL accredited laboratories in Kolkata.
Our equipments are well maintained and up to date. We are one of those centres which deploys latest tools and equipments for diagnosis.

Brief us about the criticalities that RB Diagnostic faced during the Covid time and how have you managed to overcome those?
SARS COVID – 19 changed the ways of working of the entire world. It showed human race the importance of healthy living.

The COVID-19 test was something no one had ever done before. It was new to the company, our doctors and obviously to our employees. At R B DIAGNOSTIC we took few months to understand and build the infra structure to cater to this new demand and help the society in the best possible way we could.

During initial days of the pandemic, I remember patients waiting days for the test to happen and there after at least a week for the reports. The labs and hospital were not responding to the queries of the patient in any form. Getting through the phone lines of any medical facility became a nightmare for the patients.

I am proud to tell every reader through this forum that once R B DIAGNOSTIC had started its covid testing, we our PCR lab became one of the largest in Kolkata processing highest covid samples daily. We are the only center providing reports within 24hrs of sample collection.

•RBD collected, processed, and delivered 3000 covid reports daily.
•RBD collected, processed, and delivered more than 7000 blood samples daily.
•RBD did more than 500 CT scans daily.

A new department CSD(Customer Service Department) was formed to make sure every request through phone, email, app and website was attended.
•RBD had received 6000 phone calls daily.
•RBD did more than 1100 home collections daily.

What would you suggest to the budding entrepreneurs who are willing to join the diagnostic industry?
Entering into Medical Diagnostic Industry requires responsibility and dedication. One should have a clear mindset and extensive knowledge about it with a vision to address pain points. I believe that more focus is required on building infrastructure in rural India. Still, many people travel to the cities to get diagnosed. Addressing patient's needs and requirement is the only way to move forward. The future of medical diagnostic industry is very interesting.

Abhinaya Goenka, Director, R B Diagnostics
Under the leadership of Abhinaya, R B Diagnostic has emerged as one stop location for all health needs comprising of Doctors Consultation, Pathology, Radiology, Dental, CT, MRI, Portable X-ray and so on.

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